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Rainbows 3x

Art by Script & Seal

9 Bold designs that inspire illustrator and color master Lorena G

If you know Lorena G, then you know she’s a boss when it comes to color. Lorena is a freelance illustrator and designer living in Barcelona and her work is heavily infused with geometric shapes and bold color contrasts. Where does she get her inspiration? Color combos and explorations she spots on Dribbble of course! Check out 9 of her favorites below.

“It’s all about color combos! The choice of color is particularly relevant for me and Dribbble is not only a great platform to show my work but also an amazing place for me to get inspired by the many artists that master this particular matter. As a good Dribbble player, I collect in my bucket little gems like the shots I’ve featured here that really stand out to me because of the unique color combinations and explorations they portray. Abstract, geometric, and colorful, all of them fuel my inspiration every day!”

  1. Sage Colors and Shapes
  2. Pattern dot modern illustration abstract geometric shape pattern paper
  3. Women in Print flat design pattern creative women exhibition branding print feminism logo
  4. Ciudad Vieja azambuja martin shapes bird bus thick line color illustration vector city
  5. Floral Passage
  6. Color Theory nyc jobs ui designer jerry can september campaign charity water patterns color
  7. Patterns
  8. RAINBOWS geometric beach sunset grid blocks shapes study composition abstract colors rainbow

Row 1: Skinny Ships, Steve Wolf, Jane Bowyer. Row 2: Martin Azambuja, Pavlov Visuals, Mike Smith for charity: water. Row 3: Timo Kuilder, Script & Seal.

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