1. Data ! Lands ! story abstract shapes content science information infographics data dataviz
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    Data ! Lands !
  2. Datalands Site information illustration art data data viz dataviz infographic creative design datalands
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    Datalands Site
  3. Shaping
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  4. Spreadsheet Life for New York Times chores laundry colors nytimes art organize gtd daily life abstract sheets obsessive organization cells spreadsheets
    View Spreadsheet Life for New York Times
    Spreadsheet Life for New York Times
  5. Brainbows opart texture textile graphic pattern abstract colors rainbow
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  6. Some Buds idk fun map flow chart colors abstract shapes lines squiggles snakes spring buds
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    Some Buds
  7. Snakessssss pattern abstract lines squiggles snakes
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  8. Clusters abstract patterns colors shapes
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  9. Snakes stuff lines colors abstract squiggles snakes
    View Snakes
  10. some links colors illustration art pattern abstract chains links chain
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    some links
  11. Squigglies squiggles art composition abstract dots lines snakes
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  12. Nesting Snakes loops doodle pattern grass worms colors abstract colorful scribbles lines snakes
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    Nesting Snakes
  13. Loopsssss duotone patterns infinite abstract loop
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  14. Two-tone Tony thank u next best expressive scribble lines pattern art abstract squiggle snakes
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    Two-tone Tony
  15. Two-tone Two-time Snake Champ worms doodle lines wild art composition abstract pattern snakes
    View Two-tone Two-time Snake Champ
    Two-tone Two-time Snake Champ
  16. IDK? grid infographic blocks fields paths sea illustration planetary planet idk abstract colors art pattern river
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  17. Path Waves yoga flow path maze blocks design abstract gradient colors hallway pattern
    View Path Waves
    Path Waves
  18. Pops n Blocks midcentury city playful shapes design artwork colors bright pattern abstract seasons spring flower blocks
    View Pops n Blocks
    Pops n Blocks
  19. Pops and Blocks bright houseplants plants organic op art art abstract seasons spring pattern
    View Pops and Blocks
    Pops and Blocks
  20. Compositional Thing art blanket rug pattern texture blocks city situationist derive urban colors abstract
    View Compositional Thing
    Compositional Thing
  21. Blocky Road colors dataviz infographic data pattern grid blocks
    View Blocky Road
    Blocky Road
  22. Collaged play abstract grid data rainbow pattern shapes collage
    View Collaged
  23. a print series your mom house wall op art composition layout patterns lines abstract print art
    View a print series
    a print series
  24. RAINBOWS geometric beach sunset grid blocks shapes study composition abstract colors rainbow
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