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9 Typography shots that inspire designer Amber Asay

We’re obsessed with Amber Asay’s clean and simple design aesthetic. When it comes to typography, her attention to detail is impeccable—and after sharing her favorite type-heavy shots, it’s easy to see where she gets the inspiration from. Check out a few of the Los Angeles-based designer’s favorites below!

“I’m immediately drawn to strong and unique typography. I feel like these are less popular posts on Dribbble, as opposed to things like badges, illustrations, and products. So much work goes into type design, organization, pairing, and everything in between, and I admire these posts for doing it so well! It’s designers like these that inspire me and get me excited to start working for the day.”

  1. Le Grand Amour
  2. Das Kölsch
  3. Wed Feb 07 2018 11:33:55 GMT-0500 (EST)
  4. Listen First... The Art of Communication
  5. Field Feast Menu Design
  6. Type Thursday NYC
  7. Peace ✌🏼
  8. Deodorant Labels
  9. Ari — Málaga Folio

Row 1: Ale Paul, Helena Olson, Ian Williams. Row 2: Amy Hood for Hoodzpah, SDCO Partners, Matthew Smith. Row 3: Matthew Smith, Tyler Deeb, Ben Mingo.

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