1. Simply Placed Bags monogram merchandise bags decor home placed simply design mark type logo brand branding typography
    View Simply Placed Bags
    Simply Placed Bags
  2. Maragold Designs bags pouches purses fashion leather design mark logo brand branding
    View Maragold Designs
    Maragold Designs
  3. Ballet movement ballet layered lettering typography type
    View Ballet
  4. Your Vote is Power florals power typography initiative community vote
    View Your Vote is Power
    Your Vote is Power
  5. Songbird Sentiments Business Card sentimental marble branding brandmark bird logo bird bronze foil businesscard
    View Songbird Sentiments Business Card
    Songbird Sentiments Business Card
  6. Songbird Sentiments services musical therapy music bird songbird emblem logodesign mark logo type branding design branding
    View Songbird Sentiments
    Songbird Sentiments
  7. Nunn Typography Lockup bolt electric symbol lockup branding electrician typography
    View Nunn Typography Lockup
    Nunn Typography Lockup
  8. Best of 2020 handlettering illustration year in review branding and identity packaging type branding designs 2020 yearwrap
    View Best of 2020
    Best of 2020
  9. Maine Spirits "Cheers To" Campaign 02 maine spirits maine liquor cheers typography new years bottle spirits campaign advertising
    View Maine Spirits "Cheers To" Campaign 02
    Maine Spirits "Cheers To" Campaign 02
  10. Nunn Monogram Lockup quality superior layout type monogram vintage typography electrician
    View Nunn Monogram Lockup
    Nunn Monogram Lockup
  11. Holiday Gift Wrap holiday design cheer florals christmas gift wrapping paper holiday
    View Holiday Gift Wrap
    Holiday Gift Wrap
  12. Maine Spirits "Cheers To" Campaign make spirits bright advertising typography bottle labels type agency maine campaign spirits
    View Maine Spirits "Cheers To" Campaign
    Maine Spirits "Cheers To" Campaign
  13. Designers Remedy Gin 02 layout typography peachy bottle remedy designer gin label packaging
    View Designers Remedy Gin 02
    Designers Remedy Gin 02
  14. Nunn Snapback Cap swag vintage hat cap bolts collateral electrician
    View Nunn Snapback Cap
    Nunn Snapback Cap
  15. No Appetite for Apathy vote election 2020election noappetiteforapathy everyvotecounts voting typography design
    View No Appetite for Apathy
    No Appetite for Apathy
  16. Agronomy Steel Estate Marquette emboss flourishes foil steel vineyard farm winery packaging wine label wine
    View Agronomy Steel Estate Marquette
    Agronomy Steel Estate Marquette
  17. Designers Remedy Gin passionproject fun headaches freelance bydesigners fordesigners packaging design spirits packaging
    View Designers Remedy Gin
    Designers Remedy Gin
  18. Florals radial floral art floral pattern illustration floral
    View Florals
  19. Sunday Kind of Love floral birds song etta james type script lettering typography love sunday
    View Sunday Kind of Love
    Sunday Kind of Love
  20. Wildland Tee surf vintage free wild roam merch tshirt wildland
    View Wildland Tee
    Wildland Tee
  21. Simply Placed handwritten script typography branding and identity branding logo home decor
    View Simply Placed
    Simply Placed
  22. Wildland Type Explorations surf vintage type lockups wildland wild typography
    View Wildland Type Explorations
    Wildland Type Explorations
  23. Simply Placed Moodboard inviting warm serene tranquil boho home decor moodboard
    View Simply Placed Moodboard
    Simply Placed Moodboard
  24. Agronomy Estate Marquette farm vineyard wine bottle print design branding brand foil blind deboss wine label winery wine
    View Agronomy Estate Marquette
    Agronomy Estate Marquette
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