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Art by Skinny Ships

The 10x18 project is back and we get to hear from the creators

It’s that time of the year again! The beloved 10x project is back and we couldn’t be more excited. This month, 33 artists were selected to create visual interpretations of their favorite albums of the year.

We were lucky enough to chat with one of the 10x creators Eric R Mortensen to learn a bit more about how the project started and what the inspiration was behind this year’s color scheme. See what Eric had to say and be sure to check out all of the 10x18 shots posted to Dribbble. We scattered a handful of our favorites in here—but it was very hard to choose only a few!

  1. 8. First Aid Kit illustration music
  2. 10x18 No 10 10x18 album cover bees fruit music sexy the internet
  3. Nᵒ 1. Mitski — Be the Cowboy 10x18 illustration

Row 1: Anna Hurley, Lauren Dickens, Fanny Luor.

How did the 10x project start and why have you decided to continue it each year?

Richard Perez started 10x in 2010 as a personal project, sharing out his yearly faves in ritualistic fashion, exploring visual themes with a consistent color palette. Coincidently Richard and I both moved to Portland in 2014, so I jumped in on his tradition that year. We enjoyed seeing our personal interpretations of the project, both in our album choices and how we navigated the aesthetic constraints. With the help of Jen DeRosa we opened up the project to include a few more people in 2015, and in 2016 we doubled the number of participants. It was also the first year we built out a legit website, thanks to Joey Maase. This year, 33 of us generated 330 covers for 10x18!

I think there are a lot of reasons why we continue growing the project each year. Sure, we love sharing all the great music we’ve listened to over the course of a year and it’s a great outlet to explore new mediums and modes of making. But it also has created this summer-camp-style community of friends who’ve set aside time in their busy lives to collectively make something together, just for the fun of it! That feels like a rare gift.

  1. [10x18] No. 5: Janelle Monáe - Dirty Computer 10x18 album art album artwork album cover design cover art cover design digital dirty computer eye glitch illustration janelle monae music pixel
  2. 10x18 — #10 10x18
  3. Black Panther 10x18 black panther kendrick lamar panther soundtrack

Row 1: Katie Chandler, Maxwell Holyoke-Hirsch, Kitkat Pecson.

We’re curious—how do you choose the color scheme every year?

Richard’s turtle, Donna, actually chooses our palette every year. We scatter Pantone chips throughout her terrarium and eagerly await her selects. Her inspiration for 2018? Colors that look like food she eats. I should mention Richard exclusively feeds his turtle candy. It’s amazing that it’s still alive.

  1. Shot Link
  2. 10x18 No. 6 | Cardi B — Invasion of Privacy 10x18 album art album artwork album cover album cover design art direction clay design illustration neon photographic design photography prop design set design
  3. 02 – Negro Swan 10x18 illustration music procreate texture
  4. 10x18 #10: Caer by Twin Shadow 10x18 album car cover cover art gradient music pink record retro twin shadow
  5. No.7 AGAINST ALL LOGIC - 2012-2017 10x18 70s pattern patterns
  6. 10x18: #6 Jim James - Uniform Distortion 10x18 album art beale forest hoodzpah illustration lettering magical psychedelic retro smoke trippy
  7. 10x18 - No. 3 / Bus Gas / Amulets album album art album cover draw drawing illustration music
  8. 10X18 – 9. Twenty One Pilots, Trench 10x18 album album cover art illustration line music trench twenty one pilots
  9. 07. Iceage — Beyondless 10x18 album cover bed bath and beyond character art fire flame flowers illustration lighter fluid little golden books trees typography

Row 1: Skinny Ships, Party of One Studio, Frederique Matti. Row 2: Jennifer Hood for Hoodzpah, Jennifer DeRosa, Amy Hood for Hoodzpah. Row 3: Brett Stenson, Maya Ealey, Lisa Engler.

Don’t forget to check out the past years 10x projects on Dribbble—Shotblock: 10x15, Shotblock: 10x16, and Shotblock: 10x17.

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