10x18: #6 Jim James - Uniform Distortion

We've got Jim James at #5 and what a perfect album to listen to on a Friday! Once it hits 4pm turn this on. Get ready to have fun.

I wanted to do an ode to the old psychedelic posters and album covers of the 70s for this one. I used my font Beale (www.hoodzpahdesign.com/fonts) and warped it a bit to give it that 70's vibe.

6. This album is full of fuzzy, fun–dare I say it–pop-y guitar lines, and a Jim James who can't stop laughing as he sings. A different shade of the My Morning Jacket frontman, and I dig it. This album beat out the new Growlers and Shakey Graves albums (two other really fun and fuzzy albums) because James' melodies are the kind you catch yourself humming throughout the day.

Fave songs: “You Get To Rome” or “Throwback” or “Yes to Everything”

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