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10x18 #10: Caer by Twin Shadow

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10x18 #10: Caer by Twin Shadow cover art pink gradient retro car record twin shadow music cover album 10x18

10X18 is here! 10X is a project started and curated by Eric Mortensen and Skinny Ships. Last year Amy and I did it together but this year we're doing our own countdowns so I can't ride on Amy's coat tails. She works so freaking fast and produces gold in mere minutes. I'm more of a crock pot type designer. I need time to stew in my juices to make something edible. 10x18 is an annual ritual in which a select group of artists create visual interpretations of their favorite albums of the year. So here's mine getting kicked off with Twin Shadow's Caer. 80s tinged mellow listens for weekend drives (optimally down sun-drenched California roads). See all the submissions by artists, and count down with us to #1 fave albums across the next 10 or so days (we break for weekends): www.10x18.co

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