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Awesome design work we missed while we were at Hang Time LA!

We had such a blast at Hang Time LA last week, but we also missed keeping up with the great work being posted on the site. We wanted to take a moment to look back on some great shots the community posted while we were distracted!

From Joanna Behar’s sweet new “get lost” sunglasses pin, to Andrew Colin Beck’s super entertaining Dalt Wizney zine, it was another great week on Dribbble.

  1. Sockbird Coffee Fresh Drip
  2. Dalt Wizney Zine (in print!)
  3. overcome
  4. How To Treat The Flu & How To Make Pemmican
  5. Monstera Man
  6. Victoria Park
  7. Get Lost
  8. Almond x Chomp
  9. Monogram Logo

Row 1: Zeki Michael, Andrew Colin Beck, marianna Tomaselli. Row 2: Tierra Connor, Joshua Callaghan, Tom Camp. Row 3: Joanna Behar, Joshua Ariza, Laura Prpich.

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