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9 amazing shots that utilize our new shot size limit!

Last week we launched bigger, better shots, and it was such a treat to watch them start rolling in! From Stripe intern Gabrielle Widjaja’s project rebranding the employee resource groups, to ueno’s sweet hotdog socks teaser, let’s just say it was a big week.

Take a look at those and more larger, pixel-perfect shots.

  1. The Tundra Tour
  2. Hot Dog Socks
  3. Hash House A Go Go - Logo Orientations
  4. Shogun Icons
  5. Mercy City Fall Merch
  6. Stripe Communities
  7. Moltyfoam Product Feature Icons
  8. Ecommerce features
  9. Tap Handle Design

Row 1: Daniel Seong, ueno., Murmur Creative. Row 2: Louie Mantia for Parakeet, Brennan Burling, Gabrielle Widjaja for Stripe. Row 3: Zain Adeel, Olia Gozha 🌿 for Olia & Roma, Patrick Carter.

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