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Spotlight on the Seattle Design Scene

Seattle really knocked our socks off last week during our second all-day conference, Hang Time. In fact, as we just learned yesterday during our interview with some Charlotte Dribbblers, Seattle has been named one of the top five cities for UI/UX designers by InVision.

We had some amazing speakers at Hang Time this year, but there were so many folks we wish we could’ve heard from. There’s just not enough time in the world! We therefore want to take a moment to highlight some of the recent, amazing work coming out of this green, salty northwestern metropolis!

UX and UI

  1. Journey Map Rtd Dribbble
  2. Nest with LiveWatch Monitoring - Checkout Page
  3. Outreach - Dashboard Concepts

Row 1: Kayla McVey, Marc Anderson for Rainfall, Nick Ptacek for Outreach.

Illustration Work

  1. New Wave
  2. Nordstrom art
  3. ghost house

Row 1: Danny Schlitz, Mike Force, Kaela Graham.

Motion Graphics and Animation

  1. Assignment Turn In Rewards for Microsoft EDU
  2. Rainy Monsters

Row 1: Taylor Beeghly for Microsoft Design, Heather Shelini Alabado.

Products and Labels

  1. Redhook Peaches For Me IPA

Row 1: Sasha Barr.


  1. With Your Shield Or On It - Oracle Deck
  2. Futura Is The Future Pin
  3. Camping Mug design

Row 1: Pam Wishbow, Derric Wise, David Gallo.

Logos and Branding

  1. Space Force
  2. Jetty SS19

Row 1: Jonathan Ball, James Lafuente.

Typography and Lettering

  1. Another part of the type study
  2. Member Of No Club
  3. Girls Who Code

Row 1: Darian Rosebrook, Michael Moodie, Janet Longhurst.

Thanks so much for having us Seattle! We really enjoyed this town and all the fine folks in it. It didn’t even rain. We can’t wait to meet even more folks in the next Hang Time city!

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