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Pep Rally: Charlotte's Booming Design Scene

We’re super stoked on the upcoming meetup in Charlotte, North Carolina. We spoke with Rob Luke of Passport, the host of the upcoming Dribbble Meetup, which will include an exciting demo of the new Studio product from InVision. There will also be the usual food, swag, chances to connect with your local design scene, and a Playoff with some great prizes.

Read more about Charlotte’s amazing, booming design scene below.

Charlotte Dribbble Meetup - One Year Later

Charlotte Dribbble Meetup - One Year Later

by Christain Billings for Levvel

One year after we had the very first Charlotte Dribbble Meetup, and four more in between, Levvel and Passport are co-hosting another that is bigger than ever! We are incredibly excited to announce that InVision is sponsoring the whole meetup and it wil...

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Tell us what you love about Charlotte.

Historically, Charlotte has been a banking city. Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and Ally helped build this city and make it relevant. That said, there has been a surge of tech shops to hit the scene. Companies like Skookum, Levvel, Cardinal, Union, Social Design House, Red Ventures and Passport have added a cool factor that is keeping some really talented designers rooted and inspired. Add to that some decent weather, semi-close beaches, mountains, the Panthers, the Hornets, the Knights and the Checkers in the Uptown city limits and you’ve got a pretty sweet place to live and work.

Tell us where you work, in relation to the rest of Charlotte. If you have one, share a high-res image of your workspace (inside or out).


Our Passport office is located right in the middle of Uptown Charlotte. We’ve got about 100 restaurants within walking distance, but more importantly, we have a near equal number of coffee shops… priorities.

Tell us about Charlotte’s design scene.

InVision just posted a blog about The 5 best cities for UI/UX designers. Charlotte made the list along with San Fransisco, Austin, New York, and Seattle! We have an amazing variety of creatives living here. When we started the Charlotte Dribbble Meetup a year ago, it was with the intent to host designers in a new, booming, design-driven business location every other month to highlight the role design plays and the processes and tools we’re using to solve unique problems. We’re creating a strong sense of design community through Dribbble Meetups.

Speaking of process and tools, InVision will be at our Passport Office to provide one of their first public talks and demos of their amazing new design platform, Studio. I’ve been playing around with it over the last few weeks and I have to say, I’m excited to see if this can provide a single platform to design, prototype and share assets and flows.

We’ll have swag, food, drinks, and prizes (including a rebound Playoff to win a sweet pair of custom Beats Headphones). We’re going big on this one!

Choose three shots from Charlotte Dribbblers you admire, and tell us what you like about each one.

I picked one illustration, one brand and one product shot because we’re a well rounded artsy city here in Charlotte!

  1. Super Big Charlotte Pixel Map
  2. Passport Brand Guidelines
  3. Drop Website

Super Big Charlotte Pixel Map by Joey Ellis, above left.

I remember being in awe of Joey’s shots to Dribbble before I got into the design scene (he’s really, really old). Picking just one shot from him was hard. This one made sense in the end. It’s Charlotte, it was literally built ONE pixel at a time, and its brilliant!

Passport Brand Guidelines by Ryan Prudhomme for Social Design House, above middle.

Social Design House has been the coolest shop in the area for a long time. When it came to rebranding our company, it was a no-brainer on who to call. Their work is amazing and I think they nailed our new identity.

Drop Website(back)! by Christain Billings for Tapity, above right.

Christain is a unicorn. Not only did he design Drop, he built it from the ground up and reaped the benefits of it being featured by Apple for about a year. He also co-runs our Charlotte Dribbble Meetups and made the shot for our upcoming InVision Meetup.

Big thanks to Passport for the support in hosting this event.

Can’t make it on May 31st? Keep up on meetups in your area or start your own? Details at Dribbble Meetups.

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