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Design Trend: Vignettes

If you’ve ever taken an art class, it’s likely you’ve drawn or painted a still life. We’ve noticed designers and illustrators returning to this staple in visual representation, but giving them a new voice. Since some of these curated moments aren’t strictly a classic still life, we’re going with Hoodzpah’s terminology and calling them vignettes, a brief incident or scene.

Check out some curated moments in time, real or imagined, in the shots below.

  1. Bodegon
  2. Still Life with Orange
  3. Still Life
  4. Mancave | Still Life
  5. City Speakeasy Arabic Language Vignette
  6. Coffee N  Donuts
  7. Vintage kitchen - isometric
  8. Still life
  9. Sealions' "Shoreline" Website

Row 1: Miaggy San, Lisa A. Ryan, Derega Alex. Row 2: Ty Dale™, Jennifer Hood for Hoodzpah, Cliff Davis. Row 3: Jose Olmedo, Emily Nakkash, Jason Travis.

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