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Shot Block: Purple Reign

Purple is associated with royalty, wisdom, balance, and divinity. Apparently, it’s also associated with branding, interfaces, illustration, and visualization platforms. A while ago we noticed a Tweet that pointed out a wave of purple washing over the Dribbble popular page, and have since noticed an uptick in largely purple designs.

Did you know you can search by color on Dribbble? Just choose your hue and get inspired!

  1. syzygy
  2. Roe Deer
  3. Hollard
  4. Living Room
  5. O
  6.   🚀
  7. Cave
  8. Cluster - Logo
  9. From the back of the venue

Row 1: Nick Kumbari, Aleksei Kalinin, MUTI. Row 2: Leandro Fernandez, Apoorva Sidhu, Ben Cline for RALLY. Row 3: Aleksei Kalinin, Roman Antes, Claudio Guglieri.

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