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@RALLY has it's first B2B product. We're still building out a bunch of the details but have an early adopters program open for companies that want to start using the platform at a 50% discount.

This project has been going on for quite sometime and after having many partners over the years needing custom data viz solutions on a Globe for iOS apps and Installations we decided to actually build a solution. Lots more details coming over the months ahead. In the meantime, if your company needs something like this ASAP, please contact us at info@globekit.co

Why isn't GlobeKit Free? Why does it cost so much?

We are a very small company and well over 6 months of development from our front-engineers has gone into making this platform perform extremely well and allows customization for design teams. GlobeKit was build for designer and marketing teams in mind. We will continue to support this dream and feel this will become a great design tool for companies needing a custom branded globe showcasing wonderfully interactive data that works across many platforms. / end rant :P

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