Qwero - Landing page design for the NFT marketplace

About the project

QWERO is a single platform for listing and trading NFT art. It is aimed at young and active people attracted by positivity and openness to communication.

The main goal of the service is to provide access to the latest NFT collections from various authors around the world.

The scope of work

For the Qwero startup, our team helped with the following:

  1. Logo and complete brand identity design.

  2. UX/UI platform design

  3. Landing page design that promotes the platform.

Today we will dive deep into the landing page design 👇

promotional landing page design for NFT marketplace

Our design solution

The visual style of the website's homepage had to be modern and dynamic, emphasizing the niche theme. The design of the collections is a unique and attractive visual space that emphasizes the value and individuality of the offered digital assets. The page aims to capture the attention and arouse the interest of visitors by presenting them with unique NFT collections.

website design for the NFT marketplace

The landing page also includes additional information about each NFT collection, including: a brief description of each asset, its characteristics, history of creation, and significance in the context of the collection. Visitors get a complete picture of each NFT and understand what makes them valuable and unique.

landing page design with illustrations for the NFT platform

Additionally, the landing page contains information about the availability of NFTs for purchase or auction. A block with prices, offers, or terms of purchase.

Thus, we have solved the usability primarily for active investors, but also addressed the need of other users who can easily familiarize themselves with the platform and collections through the site.

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