QWERO - Logo design for the NFT marketplace

Logo design for NFT marketplace

About the project

QWERO is a bright and dynamic NFT marketplace. It is aimed at young and active people who are attracted by positivity and openness to communication.

Therefore, bright and positive colors such as pink, blue, yellow, orange, and green, combined with massive bold type and rounded corners, perfectly convey the character of the brand.

Logo design for SaaS platform

Logo design

The logo is perfectly balanced with respect to the boldness of the font of the logo itself and the brand font.

On the letter Q, the extension element has an unusual shape and is beveled at the same angle as the neighboring letter, so that the letters harmoniously coexist.

Also, this technique helped to make the logo more compact - all letters under one line at the top and bottom, without extensions

logo design for a blockchain platform
branding for the NFT marketplace

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