Qwero - UX/UI design of the NFT platform

About the project

Qwero performs several key functions for the creation, sale, and exchange of non-fungible tokens.

The platform provides tools and opportunities for creating and uploading NFT creativity.

Artists, musicians, game developers, and other creatives can upload their work to the platform and turn it into unique digital assets.

When creating NFTs, the platform records information about each asset on the blockchain, which ensures its authenticity and non-falsifiability. This makes it possible to establish the only true copy of an asset and track its ownership history.

The scope of work

For the Qwero startup, our team helped with the following:

  1. Logo and complete brand identity design.

  2. UX/UI platform design

  3. Landing page design that promotes the platform.

UX/UI platform design

The platform provides a user-friendly interface and navigation so that users can easily upload, browse, search, and purchase digital tokens, providing information about each asset, including its description, author, history of sales, and statistics.

We keep main design accents on all crucial information and functionality of the platform so nothing could distract users from their main goals.


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