Qwero - Branding elements for the NFT platform

branding design for the NFT platform

About the project

QWERO is a bright and dynamic NFT marketplace. It is aimed at young and active people attracted by positivity and openness to communication.

The scope of work

For the Qwero startup, our team helped with the following:

  1. Logo and complete brand identity design.

  2. Landing page design that promotes the platform.

  3. UX/UI platform design

marketing promotional banners for NFT brand
merchandize design for the NFT startup

Our approach

We designed a brand identity for the QWERO NFT platform that aims to connect artists and collectors in the digital space. Our goal was to create a visual identity that reflects the platform’s values of creativity, innovation and community.

We used bright colors to attract the attention of young creatives and to convey the energy and diversity of the NFT world.

marketing banners for the NFT platform

The consistency of the brand

We applied the brand identity to various touchpoints, such as the website, social media, marketing materials, and merchandise. We ensured that the identity was consistent and coherent across all levels, creating a strong and recognizable brand image.

We believe that a consistent brand identity is important for an NFT platform because it helps to:

  • Build trust and credibility among artists and collectors

  • Establish a distinctive and memorable presence in the competitive NFT market

  • Communicate the platform’s vision and mission clearly and effectively

  • Foster a sense of belonging and loyalty among the community members

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