1. Combining the powers of Teams and Productboard ui ux interations animation motion product managment product design feedback conversation message integration microsoft teams
    View Combining the powers of Teams and Productboard
    Combining the powers of Teams and Productboard
  2. Prioritization Matrix animation interactions ui ux product design matrix effort value strategy prioritize product management
    View Prioritization Matrix
    Prioritization Matrix
  3. 🥋 Designboard swag figma brand clothes sweatshirt product management branding logo swag
    View 🥋 Designboard swag
    🥋 Designboard swag
  4. Productboard welcome video 👋 product-management demo trial roadmap conversation welcome intro screen message motion ui animation signup onboarding
    View Productboard welcome video 👋
    Productboard welcome video 👋
  5. Salesforce Opportunities integration productboard product management sorting switch integration product design
    View Salesforce Opportunities integration
    Salesforce Opportunities integration
  6. 🃏Roadmap Feature Cards product design collaboration product management ux ui roadmap feature cards cards ui
    View 🃏Roadmap Feature Cards
    🃏Roadmap Feature Cards
  7. Productboard's Roadmap Thumbnails templates grid tiles cards ui roadmap thumbnails cards uidesign ui
    View Productboard's Roadmap Thumbnails
    Productboard's Roadmap Thumbnails
  8. Custom slack emoji set debut brand logo emoji slack management product animation
    View Custom slack emoji set
    Custom slack emoji set
  9. Creating milestones ui ux animation product design product management planning milestone timeline roadmap
    View Creating milestones
    Creating milestones
  10. New Productboard Logo rebrand logotype logomark logo
    View New Productboard Logo
    New Productboard Logo
  11. Productboard roadmaps ux collaboration timeline alignment team product management kanban roadmap
    View Productboard roadmaps
    Productboard roadmaps
  12. Explorations for our Barcelona offsite merchandise brand extension logo company offsite
    View Explorations for our Barcelona offsite
    Explorations for our Barcelona offsite
  13. Reactgirls color palette react girl code girl presentation react logo identity branding brand
    View Reactgirls color palette
    Reactgirls color palette
  14. Reactgirls website brand branding identity logo react presentation code girl react girl
    View Reactgirls website
    Reactgirls website
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