1. Spring time creativity lobster creative studio frame by frame cell animation animation character apparel brand fashion
    View Spring time
    Spring time
  2. Workday Illustration Rebrand surfing vector animation lobster studio lobstertv creativity phone fake 3d illustrator after effects vector animation character
    View Workday Illustration Rebrand
    Workday Illustration Rebrand
  3. Genertel lobstertv lobsterstudio character hands road car rain fishing insurance creative after effects illustrator flat design flat vector animation illustration
    View Genertel
  4. Break dance design flat character hip-hop lobsterstudio lobstertv lifestyle music illustration frame by frame cell animation breakdance
    View Break dance
    Break dance
  5. Riding on a horse trot run gallup riding cowboy creativestudio lobstertv lobsterstudio tvpaint cell frame by frame flat illustration animation horse
    View Riding on a horse
    Riding on a horse
  6. Lenovo Virtual Care lobstertv lobsterstudio illustrator after effects vector medical team doctor bicycle characters design flat illustration animation
    View Lenovo Virtual Care
    Lenovo Virtual Care
  7. Holiday Break. lobster studio lobstertv creative cell animation design frame by frame 2d animation illustration woman snow christmas tree toy wrap present holiday christmas
    View Holiday Break.
    Holiday Break.
  8. Amazon Halo brandbook design character animation characters morphs creative studio halo amazon lobsterstudio creative vector illustration animation
    View Amazon Halo
    Amazon Halo
  9. Ted-Ed What if there were 1 trillion more trees? creativity lobstertv lobsterstudio 2d nature forest trees plant characters character cell cell animation frame by frame animation educational ted-ed
    View Ted-Ed What if there were 1 trillion more trees?
    Ted-Ed What if there were 1 trillion more trees?
  10. Directions lobster studio creative studio series tvpaint 2d lobstertv frame by frame design animation character runner running
    View Directions
  11. Silk creative studio lobstertv lobster studio cell animation classic animation 2d animation character man statue fabric silk
    View Silk
  12. This Cover - Beach Boys - Surfer Girl thiscover creative tv paint music cell animation frame by frame lobstertv lobster studio creativity augumented reality ar cover album illustration animation
    View This Cover - Beach Boys - Surfer Girl
    This Cover - Beach Boys - Surfer Girl
  13. City walk landscape 2d animation lobster studio creative studio lobstertv tv paint after effects cell animation car cars road city animation walkcycle
    View City walk
    City walk
  14. Thiscover / Dire Straits - Money for nothing ar direction lobsterstudio lobstertv creativity creative cell animation framebyframe music album cover animation illustration
    View Thiscover / Dire Straits - Money for nothing
    Thiscover / Dire Straits - Money for nothing
  15. Reshape creative design flat sport sneakers lobstertv lobsterstudio frame by frame cell animation rotation trend fashion shoe illustration animation
    View Reshape
  16. Energy art sculpture lobstudio lobstertv experiment creative design cell animation frame by frame 2d 3d animation character
    View Energy
  17. The Milaneser creativestudio lobsterstudio lobstertv italy landscape urban design magazine cover cell animation frame by frame illustration nature milan
    View The Milaneser
    The Milaneser
  18. Relaxation design animation creative lobstertv lobsterstudio texture materials emelents nature calm creativity direction illustration cinema4d
    View Relaxation
  19. Dance moves lobstertv lobsterstudio design illustration cell animation frame by frame animation joy fun beat headphones character music dance
    View Dance moves
    Dance moves
  20. Double bass player creative lobstertv lobsterstudio cinema4d gif 3d illustration design candle candlestick plant hat character music player instrument music doublebass bass
    View Double bass player
    Double bass player
  21. Shapeless cell animation typography design hand drawn gif film characters lobsterstudio lobstertv frame by frame illustration animation 2d animation
    View Shapeless
  22. Shameless gif character hand drawn flat design lobsterstudio lobstertv shameless cell animation frame by frame typography illustration animation
    View Shameless
  23. LiquidFace3D gif frame by frame lobstertv lobsterstudio character animation face c4d 3d art character 3d
    View LiquidFace3D
  24. Twerk it! weekend creativity creative studio dancer dance party cell animation film music dance twerk lobstertv frame by frame lobsterstudio illustration animation
    View Twerk it!
    Twerk it!
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