1. AI Voice Assistant recorder music audio player after effects ux in motion siri voice assistant dark ui minimal
    AI Voice Assistant
  2. Improving safety on roads - AI + AR animation augmented reality autonomous car car interface futurism
    Improving safety on roads - AI + AR
  3. Kanban Card - Transition spatial relationships animated ui task animation card animation kanban
    Kanban Card - Transition
  4. Not another Trello product design measure work pay for task tags ui card design cards task management collaboration project management trello kanban
    Not another Trello
  5. Messenger Bots - Calendar Integration chat ui google calendar gif ux animation minimal ui messenger bots bots ux bots ui messenger
    Messenger Bots - Calendar Integration
  6. Messenger Bots - Payment Concept (Paypal) gif ux animation minimal ui messenger bots paypal bots ux bots ui messenger
    Messenger Bots - Payment Concept (Paypal)
  7. Thunderpick - Landing Page dark ui animation ux in motion ux gamifaction game league of legends lol esports
    Thunderpick - Landing Page
  8. Redesigned UXPin - Case Study uxpin white ui design tool prototyping tool content editor wyswig
    Redesigned UXPin - Case Study
  9. Onboarding illustrations (WiP) uxpin stroke feedback share collaboration design illustrations onboarding
    Onboarding illustrations (WiP)
  10. Design collaboration outline flat design illustrations uxpin tshirt illustrations
    Design collaboration
  11. UXPin upcoming website (WiP) homepage slack integration slack uxpin website
    UXPin upcoming website (WiP)
  12. UXPin Editor Icons design icons ui product design editor uxpin icons
    UXPin Editor Icons
  13. Sitemap - Drag and Drop dark ui onboarding editor uiux ux in motion drag and drop sitemap animation
    Sitemap - Drag and Drop
  14. Detaching Layers layers panel sidebar motion ui dark ui uiux editor uxpin
    Detaching Layers
  15. Editor UI. Dark vs Light. teaser animation light ui dark ui uiux editor uxpin
    Editor UI. Dark vs Light.
  16. Pin code validation security unlock shaking animated ui spatial interfaces morphing ui pin code validation gif ux in motion
    Pin code validation
  17. Esports Website Concept rwd gradients gaming game esports dark web design
    Esports Website Concept
  18. Email Notification flat minimal icon design uxpin illustration notification email mailing
    Email Notification
  19. Modal? uxpin ui design prototyping app dark editor modal
  20. Search UI dark gif interface animation uxpin search pattern focus ux in motion search ui
    Search UI
  21. Expo/Milan Transparent Screen exhibition animation motion transparent display transparent screen milan expo
    Expo/Milan Transparent Screen
  22. Isometric Land bright colours bright cinema 4d 3d low poly gamification game design
    Isometric Land
  23. Windmill windmill mill gingerbread low poly c4d gif gaming
  24. Virgil App Wireframe / hackathon app wireframing estimote minimal android app accessibility useful hackathon wireframe ux ibeacons ble transport app
    Virgil App Wireframe / hackathon
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