Karol Podleśny

Messenger Bots - Payment Concept (Paypal)

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You can check full interaction in HD quality here: https://vimeo.com/karolpodlesny/messenger-bots-and-payment-concept

Isil Uzum made a wonderful concept which inspired me to produce my own exploration related to bots UI. Attached animation present idea how messenger bots could handle the payment process via Paypal.

I was curious how such interaction could look alike. Now Messenger allows to use bots and I tought that financial purposes might become something useful for users. Especially when it comes to ecommerce or simple transactions. Also it was Isil idea to use "=" to callout bots and I implemented that proposition in my design as well. Probably there could be more options for that.

Note that I didn't want to recreate the exact Messenger look. So if you noticed any differences don't take it too serious I am aware of it. It was more important for me to focus on possible UX concept, Messenger is just a surface.

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