1. Casumo's Product Design Playbook 🦄 🌈 design handbook playbook product ux
    View Casumo's Product Design Playbook 🦄 🌈
    Casumo's Product Design Playbook 🦄 🌈
  2. 💸 Nate 💸 android app expenses microsite mobile money nate subscriptions tracking
    View 💸 Nate 💸
    💸 Nate 💸
  3. Opening up shop (again) freelance sidegig studio
    View Opening up shop (again)
    Opening up shop (again)
  4. Sign-Up Flow android flow material mobile registration sign ui up ux
    View Sign-Up Flow
    Sign-Up Flow
  5. Homepage for a Recruitment Agency 👔 💼 culture employee employer hiring homepage recruitment
    View Homepage for a Recruitment Agency 👔 💼
    Homepage for a Recruitment Agency 👔 💼
  6. 📱Nate App Walkthrough 📱 android app expense google mobile netflix spotify subscriptions tracking
    View 📱Nate App Walkthrough 📱
    📱Nate App Walkthrough 📱
  7. ⛄❄️ Winter Campaign Stuff! ❄️⛄ campaign casumo chests christmas raffle snowball winter
    View ⛄❄️ Winter Campaign Stuff! ❄️⛄
    ⛄❄️ Winter Campaign Stuff! ❄️⛄
  8. Portfolio Rebuild again portfolio redesign
    View Portfolio Rebuild
    Portfolio Rebuild
  9. Credit Card Entry Form booking card cleaning company credit engine form pricing
    View Credit Card Entry Form
    Credit Card Entry Form
  10. Playing around with Principle animation login principle sign up
    View Playing around with Principle
    Playing around with Principle
  11. Proposal for a new project! project proposal prototyping research ux
    View Proposal for a new project!
    Proposal for a new project!
  12. Receiving Feedback feedback notes receiving services sticky table
    View Receiving Feedback
    Receiving Feedback
  13. Styleguide [WIP] logo malta sideproject styleguide wip
    View Styleguide [WIP]
    Styleguide [WIP]
  14. Postpartum Depression Infographic depression design infographic information mothers
    View Postpartum Depression Infographic
    Postpartum Depression Infographic
  15. Walkthrough dispatch driver fleet illustration management walkthrough
    View Walkthrough
  16. Booking Engine (WIP) booking cleaning company engine iconography pricing tasks wip
    View Booking Engine (WIP)
    Booking Engine (WIP)
  17. Voucher Landing Page form landing page voucher watches
    View Voucher Landing Page
    Voucher Landing Page
  18. Pricing Page internet package page pricing table ux
    View Pricing Page
    Pricing Page
  19. Wireframing conference event register sketch speakers ux wireframe
    View Wireframing
  20. Building my Dad's website dad ui upholsterey ux website
    View Building my Dad's website
    Building my Dad's website
  21. Talking about my first design internship design first internship medium time
    View Talking about my first design internship
    Talking about my first design internship
  22. Workflow Designer Dashboard client dashboard design workflow
    View Workflow Designer Dashboard
    Workflow Designer Dashboard
  23. Userflowin' conference flows inbound userflows ux website
    View Userflowin'
  24. Designing for a nonprofit nonprofit ux water
    View Designing for a nonprofit
    Designing for a nonprofit
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