1. Dropbox Redesign Challenge challenge clean dashboard design dropbox file management files minimal redesign ui upload files ux
    View Dropbox Redesign Challenge
    Dropbox Redesign Challenge
  2. Design Agency Landing Page agency challenge design design agency landing page product ui ux web web design website
    View Design Agency Landing Page
    Design Agency Landing Page
  3. Device Locator App app device find ios location locator map mobile app onboarding track ui ux
    View Device Locator App
    Device Locator App
  4. Cryptocurrency App app bitcoin crypto cryptocurrency ethereum finance fintech ios mobile app ui ux wallet
    View Cryptocurrency App
    Cryptocurrency App
  5. Finance App app bank bank app banking budgeting finance fintech ios management mobile app ui ux
    View Finance App
    Finance App
  6. Drone App Challenge app controller design drone flight fly mobile ui ux
    View Drone App Challenge
    Drone App Challenge
  7. Chat App app chat communications communities freebie message messaging mobile onboarding ui ui kit
    View Chat App
    Chat App
  8. Disney+ App Redesign Challenge app challenge concept movies series streaming tv ui ux
    View Disney+ App Redesign Challenge
    Disney+ App Redesign Challenge
  9. Sleep Tracking app concept analytics app challenge concept design mobile reminder sleep ui ux
    View Sleep Tracking app concept
    Sleep Tracking app concept
  10. Calendar app design app calendar challenge concept design mobile tasks ui ux
    View Calendar app design
    Calendar app design
  11. Redesign Amazon App amazon app design ecommerce flat graphic design minimal prototype shop ui ux
    View Redesign Amazon App
    Redesign Amazon App
  12. Fitness Mobile App animation app design fitness flat minimal mobile motion graphics sport ui ux workout yoga
    View Fitness Mobile App
    Fitness Mobile App
  13. Roommates - apartment booking with roommates animation apartment dark mode design flat graphic design minimal roommate ui ux web website
    View Roommates - apartment booking with roommates
    Roommates - apartment booking with roommates
  14. CoinBas - Cryptocurrency Company animation app bitcoin blockchain crypto cryptocurrency design flat graphic design landing page minimal ui ux website
    View CoinBas - Cryptocurrency Company
    CoinBas - Cryptocurrency Company
  15. 🐾 Pet Identifier App app design dog flat graphic design identifier minimal mobile pet scan ui ux
    View 🐾 Pet Identifier App
    🐾 Pet Identifier App
  16. Virtual Assistance - AR animation app design flat minimal ui ux virtual
    View Virtual Assistance - AR
    Virtual Assistance - AR
  17. Vehicle Service App app clean design flat graphic design icon illustrator minimal ui ux
    View Vehicle Service App
    Vehicle Service App
  18. Investing Website - Giro clean design flat graphic design illustration minimal ui ux web website
    View Investing Website - Giro
    Investing Website - Giro
  19. Ella jewelry - Ecommerce animation app design flat graphic design minimal ui ux web website
    View Ella jewelry - Ecommerce
    Ella jewelry - Ecommerce
  20. Medical Mobile App app design doctor flat graphic design medical minimal mobile ui ux
    View Medical Mobile App
    Medical Mobile App
  21. Doli - Schedule Management App app branding design logo ui ux web website
    View Doli - Schedule Management App
    Doli - Schedule Management App
  22. Calendar app - Doly app design flat minimal ui ux web
    View Calendar app - Doly
    Calendar app - Doly
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