1. Application for sleeping, meditation & calm 😴 illustraion calm dark mode dark app dark ui dark meditation meditate sleeping sleep mobile ui ios app 2020 trend flat minimal ios application design app ui
    View Application for sleeping, meditation & calm 😴
    Application for sleeping, meditation & calm 😴
  2. Weather App cloud statistics icon weather icon weather app weather 2020 trend minimal flat ux design ui mobile design app ios app design ios app ios application app design app
    View Weather App
    Weather App
  3. Banking & Finance App web coins graphic change banking bank card finance app finance bank app bank ios app 2020 trend minimal flat ux ui ios application design app
    View Banking & Finance App
    Banking & Finance App
  4. Homo Kosmos - Inspirational app meditation app meditation dashboard android ios app inspirational app design mobile ui 2020 trend mobile flat minimal ux ios application design app ui
    View Homo Kosmos - Inspirational app
    Homo Kosmos - Inspirational app
  5. Mobile Banking Application app designer webdesign interface banking 2020trend ux design dashboad mobile banking credit card ios money app finance app finance balance bank ui uiux application ui application app ui
    View Mobile Banking Application
    Mobile Banking Application
  6. Questionnaire application app design collective webdesign ios design ios app design mobile app design mobile design mobile app mobile ui mobile ios app appdesign 2020 trend flat ux ios application ui design app
    View Questionnaire application
    Questionnaire application
  7. Poker App - Texas Hold'em appdesign uiux app ui ios app app design casino poker 2020 trend game app app game game design design ux flat minimal ios application ui app
    View Poker App - Texas Hold'em
    Poker App - Texas Hold'em
  8. Food Service - Mobile App delivery app foodapp 2020 trend design flat minimal iosdesign iosapp ios uxdesigner uxdesign ux uiapp ui design uidesign ui application appdesigner appdesign app
    View Food Service - Mobile App
    Food Service - Mobile App
  9. Finance and Investment App ios app mobile animation ux ios ui application ui mobile ui appdesigner appdesign web design application app 2020 trend
    View Finance and Investment App
    Finance and Investment App
  10. Travel and Booking App mobile design mobile app 2020 trend trends trending ios app mobile ux flat ios application minimal ui design app
    View Travel and Booking App
    Travel and Booking App
  11. Banking application dailyui app design webdesign application mobile animation ux ios flat minimal ui design app
    View Banking application
    Banking application
  12. Race - Sneakers and clothes app flat vector typography application design minimal ux ios ui app
    View Race - Sneakers and clothes app
    Race - Sneakers and clothes app
  13. Daily Statistics App application minimal design illustration vector ux flat ios ui app
    View Daily Statistics App
    Daily Statistics App
  14. Swipe - Productivity App website design webdesign website web tasks todoist creative iphone clean mobile illustrator flat application ios ux minimal ui design app animation
    View Swipe - Productivity App
    Swipe - Productivity App
  15. Music App - Anghami - The Sound of Freedom ux ui minimal logo flat illustration animation design branding app
    View Music App - Anghami - The Sound of Freedom
    Music App - Anghami - The Sound of Freedom
  16. Mobile Application - Social Messenger flat illustrator design logo minimal animation ui branding app illustration
    View Mobile Application - Social Messenger
    Mobile Application - Social Messenger
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