1. Launchday Logo dark sun logo
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    Launchday Logo
  2. Personal Splash Redesign dark freight brandon grotesque typography portfolio splash
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    Personal Splash Redesign
  3. Medium Layouts medium ux ui layout typography simple minimal web magazine. layout
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    Medium Layouts
  4. Wander Login wander login ux ui simple web
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    Wander Login
  5. Medium Homepage Exploration medium homepage editorial freight sans ui ux masonry grid feed stream
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    Medium Homepage Exploration
  6. Wander Card wander memory iphone app ui ux minimal
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    Wander Card
  7. Abandoned Personal Site Idea profile avenir simple typography mobile flat
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    Abandoned Personal Site Idea
  8. New Personal Site davegamache personal splash single page typography social
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    New Personal Site
  9. Collection for Medium 1.0 medium collection iphone ipad cover mobile
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    Collection for Medium 1.0
  10. Wander wander iphone ios travel ios7 background image button logo brand mobile
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  11. Medium Author Stats iphone medium stats graph chart data viz mobile
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    Medium Author Stats
  12. Medium.com profile for iPad ipad medium mobile cover typography profile
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    Medium.com profile for iPad
  13. Ratchet ratchet proxima nova logo
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  14. Profile header iphone ios profile simple clean list facebook avatar adelle proxima nova
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  15. Memory (editing) editing memory iphone ios proxima nova condensed steelfish simple sharp clean
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    Memory (editing)
  16. Memory Page proxima nova condensed steelfish memory timeline header iphone ios
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    Memory Page
  17. Memory red blue pixellated m memoryapp memory
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  18. Cartography blue topography duke typography
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  19. The Cake Is A Lie portal game games poster
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    The Cake Is A Lie
  20. San Francisco Native san francisco
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    San Francisco Native
  21. Design Quote Poster (#2) blue deming quote typography
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    Design Quote Poster (#2)
  22. Design Quote Ribbon blue quotes ribbon texture
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    Design Quote Ribbon
  23. My Favorite Design Quote frank chimero quote octopus typography
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    My Favorite Design Quote
  24. Joining The Flock twitter
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    Joining The Flock
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