1. Revisiting my old project.

  2. Portfolio v9? Maybe

  3. Design Special Ops

  4. Coming up with portfolio designs is hard

  5. Motion elements in Figma

  6. Early wireframe for potential app direction

  7. Rock Agile Logo Design

  8. Full page desktop view of The Glass Frontier site

  9. Letter M Monogram

  10. Compass of Design Marketing Page

  11. Working on the profile layouts for desktop

  12. Improving upon my swipe function

  13. Camera Sales/Info page

  14. Member list layout

  15. Main chat, direct messages, member list

  16. User interaction design using adobe XD

  17. Unconventional use case of Adobe XD's animate

  18. Playing more with that auto animate

  19. Credit card wallet transitions

  20. Testing more layout possibilities.

  21. Testing menu and ui layouts

  22. Playing around with sticky elements in Adobe XD

  23. Logo on Tshirts

  24. Bus Card 1

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