1. Little Muir's Night nature art nature illustration nature yosemite kids books artist kids book kids art hiker hiking kids illustration picture books picture book illustration hand painted
    View Little Muir's Night
    Little Muir's Night
  2. Neko Cat Painting miniature painting painted artwork artist original art animal cozy hygge cat painting cat lady original art gouache hand painted cat
    View Neko Cat Painting
    Neko Cat Painting
  3. Wild Thing Art Show color art painted winged wings birds original character original art art show wildlife art wild animal wildlife illustration susie ghahremani nature gouache painting bird animal hand painted
    View Wild Thing Art Show
    Wild Thing Art Show
  4. Blue Triangle Butterfly australia susie ghahremani nature painting butterfly gouache hand painted
    View Blue Triangle Butterfly
    Blue Triangle Butterfly
  5. Little Muir’s Song, a children’s book childrens books picture book childrens book gouache illustration hiking sierra nevada yosemite john muir
    View Little Muir’s Song, a children’s book
    Little Muir’s Song, a children’s book
  6. Balance The Birds - picture book kidlitart birds childrens book illustration childrens book picture book bird illustration
    View Balance The Birds - picture book
    Balance The Birds - picture book
  7. birdie brooch badge enamel pins enamelpin enamel pin bird illustration boygirlparty shuttlecock birdie bird badminton
    View birdie
  8. Peony Pin brooch jewelry boygirlparty flower enamel pin peony
    View Peony Pin
    Peony Pin
  9. Year of Meteors susie ghahremani music artwork original original art bird analog hand painted album art art show gouache painting pigeon
    View Year of Meteors
    Year of Meteors
  10. the baby mop childrens painting baby kids ten paces and draw analog paint gouache children illustration character illustration illustration
    View the baby mop
    the baby mop
  11. Scholastic Whale editorial scholastic painting illustration hand painted gouache whale childrens books childrens magazine animals animal
    View Scholastic Whale
    Scholastic Whale
  12. flora fox susie ghahremani painting illustration hand painted gouache fox animals animal
    View flora fox
    flora fox
  13. puffin animal animals cannon beach pnw nature bird illustration hand painted gouache susie ghahremani painting puffin
    View puffin
  14. epitaph for my heart ocean music piano synth seaweed the magnetic fields illustration freehand analog gouache painting
    View epitaph for my heart
    epitaph for my heart
  15. Boygirlparty Enamel Pins shopify etsy kawaii animal cat badge swag flair pins pin enamel pin
    View Boygirlparty Enamel Pins
    Boygirlparty Enamel Pins
  16. sound it out gouache nature hand painted illustration bird
    View sound it out
    sound it out
  17. eagle eyed painting illustration hand painted bird animal eagle
    View eagle eyed
    eagle eyed
  18. puzzled game bird nature painting hand painted illustration
    View puzzled
  19. shop.boygirlparty.com shop shopify cat product clothing apparel
    View shop.boygirlparty.com
  20. tiny seagull painting seagull bird painting illustration hand painted miniature nature gouache
    View tiny seagull painting
    tiny seagull painting
  21. some people look like their pets family pet adoption hand painted illustration gouache people
    View some people look like their pets
    some people look like their pets
  22. Deer Tick deer illustration forest gouache hand painted susie ghahremani editorial magazine
    View Deer Tick
    Deer Tick
  23. Groundhog Day illustration editorial illustration susie ghahremani hand painted groundhog portrait
    View Groundhog Day
    Groundhog Day
  24. swan by susie ghahremani / boygirlparty swan illustration hand painted animal bird sea new england painting gouache
    View swan by susie ghahremani / boygirlparty
    swan by susie ghahremani / boygirlparty
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