1. NFC card interaction ios interaction ui framer animation ux crypto payment card nfc video
    NFC card interaction
  2. Status Design crypto status scroll animation landing website
    Status Design
  3. Introducing Status Hardwallet landing crypto website
    Introducing Status Hardwallet
  4. Status Wallet cryptocurrency crypto wallet ios ui animation framer
    Status Wallet
  5. Status contribution page website web landing
    Status contribution page
  6. Status hackathon website web landing
    Status hackathon
  7. Experimenting with the Status Logo symbol logo
    Experimenting with the Status Logo
  8. New website for Status app status product landing website site
    New website for Status
  9. Status logo 2.0 icon status logo
    Status logo 2.0
  10. Status for IOS messenger ui chat app ios
    Status for IOS
  11. Status icon app logo
  12. Inspiring kitchen timer app countdown timer ux animation concept ios recipe ui app
    Inspiring kitchen timer app
  13. Kitchen timer app icon "15 min" countdown timer dailyui ios icon app
    Kitchen timer app icon "15 min"
  14. Simple chat app prototype framer animation clean dailyui ui mobile app messenger chat
    Simple chat app
  15. Simple chat app clean dailyui ui app messaging messenger chat
    Simple chat app
  16. Quick view on a online store store shop e-commerce backpack ui dailyui
    Quick view on a online store
  17. Button with success/error states state ux form dailyui success error framer animation
    Button with success/error states
  18. Sharing button material dailyui framer animation social share button
    Sharing button
  19. Music player app player dailyui mobile ui music
    Music player app
  20. 404 page with an inspiring quote web quote wittgenstein dailyui 404
    404 page with an inspiring quote
  21. Yet another toggle animation switch dailyui idea ui framer animation radio toggle
    Yet another toggle animation
  22. Clean profile page profile clean dailyui
    Clean profile page
  23. Animated healthcare app icon medicine icon healthcare framer animation dailyui
    Animated healthcare app icon
  24. Calculator app in Dieter Rams's style rams dieter rams calculator braun app clean dailyui
    Calculator app in Dieter Rams's style
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