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NFC card interaction

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Hey Dribble, long time no see!

We at Status are working hard on a new product called It's a contactless, open-source crypto hardware wallet.

It will be possible to sign in to Status (and securely do many more things, like signing transactions) with just tapping the Keycard over a phone, but the challenge is to create a smooth experience for this new and unfamiliar pattern – physical interaction of a phone and a card.

It's even harder since on every device the NFC reader is located in a different place, so the user should first move around the card to find the reader on their phone. And once the connection is established, the user should stop moving the card and hold it still for just a few seconds to avoid interrupting the connection. But if the connection ends up being interrupted, it's not a problem and the device starts looking for the card again. All of this should be straightforwardly explained in the UI.

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