1. Sidebar Navigation (Dark) dark theme icon app minimalism nav navbar modal clean ui settings dark mode menu financial side menu spacing grid interface dashboard navigation sidebar
    View Sidebar Navigation (Dark)
    Sidebar Navigation (Dark)
  2. Trading Platform Components (Dark Theme) blur gradients ui kit credit card wallet payment chart card onboarding user interface clean minimal app trading ui design system dark ui dark theme dark mode components
    View Trading Platform Components (Dark Theme)
    Trading Platform Components (Dark Theme)
  3. Trading Platform Components 1.5 (Dark Theme) tags interface minimal ui kit web responsive cards dark clean ui mobile desktop saas components elements task modal design system component tabs
    View Trading Platform Components 1.5 (Dark Theme)
    Trading Platform Components 1.5 (Dark Theme)
  4. Webinar Calendar - Workspace app ux ui flat management overview analytics sidebar desktop web light clean interface workspace statistics graph calendar dashboard
    View Webinar Calendar - Workspace
    Webinar Calendar - Workspace
  5. FREE Pharmagy Medical App - demo 👩‍⚕️ mobile sketch ux ui ios interface drug clock blue kit download dashboard healthcare health medicine medical clean app freebie free
    View FREE Pharmagy Medical App - demo 👩‍⚕️
    FREE Pharmagy Medical App - demo 👩‍⚕️
  6. Pharmagy - Activity & Navigation 👨‍⚕️ ux ui reminder statistics calendar pills mobile medicine medical healthcare health drug clean blue app alarm
    View Pharmagy - Activity & Navigation 👨‍⚕️
    Pharmagy - Activity & Navigation 👨‍⚕️
  7. Pharmagy - Medical App 👩‍⚕️ ux ui reminder alarm clock pills mobile drug clean blue medicine medical healthcare health app
    View Pharmagy - Medical App 👩‍⚕️
    Pharmagy - Medical App 👩‍⚕️
  8. FREE Multifunctional Weather App - demo uiux dark white interface dashboard sketch freebies giveaway clean weather download kit ux ui app android ios free
    View FREE Multifunctional Weather App - demo
    FREE Multifunctional Weather App - demo
  9. Multifunctional Weather App 🌤 calendar flat weather dashboard interface clean dark blue android application mobile ios ux app ui
    View Multifunctional Weather App 🌤
    Multifunctional Weather App 🌤
  10. Multifunctional Weather App 🌧 statistics stats weather ux ui mobile ios interface flat dashboard dark clean calendar blue application app android
    View Multifunctional Weather App 🌧
    Multifunctional Weather App 🌧
  11. 💰Financial Dashboard - Analytics Overview balance application flat ui ux user statistics web app web crypto currency money interface design clean charts app dashboard analytics
    View 💰Financial Dashboard - Analytics Overview
    💰Financial Dashboard - Analytics Overview
  12. Smart Assistant - Isometric Illustration vector mobile minimalism isometric ios interface illustration flat design app ux ui
    View Smart Assistant - Isometric Illustration
    Smart Assistant - Isometric Illustration
  13. Weather Analysis - Process Dashboard app map weather settings plans profile account payment chart icons graph form dashboard
    View Weather Analysis - Process Dashboard
    Weather Analysis - Process Dashboard
  14. Amstyle - Online Shopping App 👜 interface flat ux popular ui mobile minimalism fashion design clean branding shopping shop clothing clothes app
    View Amstyle - Online Shopping App 👜
    Amstyle - Online Shopping App 👜
  15. Cryptopay - Financial Page Concept cryptocurrency bitcoin data white web wallet flat design ui dashboard clean card
    View Cryptopay - Financial Page Concept
    Cryptopay - Financial Page Concept
  16. Project Tracker – Dashboard flat calendar product ui ux design analytics dashboard application
    View Project Tracker – Dashboard
    Project Tracker – Dashboard
  17. Christmas Baking App - Recipes 🎄 flat clean modern minimalism mobile minimal interface design application ui cooking baking app holiday christmas
    View Christmas Baking App - Recipes 🎄
    Christmas Baking App - Recipes 🎄
  18. Restaurant Finder App - Map & AR brand ux application flat ios interface mobile kitchen food app restaurant ui
    View Restaurant Finder App - Map & AR
    Restaurant Finder App - Map & AR
  19. Isometric / Archnode Landing Page homepage web ux ui landing design isometric
    View Isometric / Archnode Landing Page
    Isometric / Archnode Landing Page
  20. The Night Parrot moon flower tree nature forest night illustration animal drawing bird
    View The Night Parrot
    The Night Parrot
  21. DevSeeker – App Concept settings options ux service gradient design color branding ui profile mobile app
    View DevSeeker – App Concept
    DevSeeker – App Concept
  22. Cryptocurrency Tracker App Interaction sell buy interaction interface dashboard finance banking cryptocurrency crypto iphone x ios ux ui motion-design iphone motion mobile animation
    View Cryptocurrency Tracker App Interaction
    Cryptocurrency Tracker App Interaction
  23. Jobs Page - Softnauts Game dashboard clean vector web brand interface design icons ux illustration website ui branding
    View Jobs Page - Softnauts Game
    Jobs Page - Softnauts Game
  24. Custom Music Player App application interface user design ui player musical iphone music app mobile
    View Custom Music Player App
    Custom Music Player App
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