1. A Remote for breakthrough, not backup airtel case study dark app design player watch watching video prime video ott hotstar netflix branding app ux design animation ui
    View A Remote for breakthrough, not backup
    A Remote for breakthrough, not backup
  2. Personal Portfolio: AbhinavAgr V3.0 studio catalogue product design responsive agency personal website portfolio branding landing page app ux design ui
    View Personal Portfolio: AbhinavAgr V3.0
    Personal Portfolio: AbhinavAgr V3.0
  3. COVID-19 Vaccine Booking App schedule cowin redesign case study ui kit vaccine login calendar booking app ux design ui
    View COVID-19 Vaccine Booking App
    COVID-19 Vaccine Booking App
  4. Music Player App interaction animation theme light theme dark theme mobile design app ux ui playlist player play song songs music album musician music player music
    View Music Player App
    Music Player App
  5. Wallet payment app chart analytics mobile bitcoin money currency banking transaction wallet app payment wallet landing page illustration app ux design ui
    View Wallet payment app
    Wallet payment app
  6. File Manager App UI icon folder explorer analytics file sharing file file manager wireframe design wireframe mobile app ux design ui
    View File Manager App UI
    File Manager App UI
  7. Freebie: Guide to User Interview Questions freebies typography vector illustration mockup landing page freelance research interview user interview ebook freebie ux design ui
    View Freebie: Guide to User Interview Questions
    Freebie: Guide to User Interview Questions
  8. Cab Booking driving driver uber mobile car analytics map app design taxi ride sharing rideshare ux design vector landing page ui booking app ride booking cab
    View Cab Booking
    Cab Booking
  9. News app concept design ux ui app vector landing page mobile news google app design illustraion newsfeed interaction interface newsapp feeds category food fruit
    View News app concept design
    News app concept design
  10. Google Analytics Dashboard dashboard design business graph interface mobile google ux statistics stats chart dashboard app ui app design analytics dashboard
    View Google Analytics Dashboard
    Google Analytics Dashboard
  11. Juice App Design health order fruit ui food app food restaurant mobileapp appdesign color design drink juice app
    View Juice App Design
    Juice App Design
  12. Restaurant Landing Page ux typography landing page design website design food restaurant branding website landing page web design ui
    View Restaurant Landing Page
    Restaurant Landing Page
  13. Create invoices for free branding animation interaction illustration product invoice design invoice website landing landing page ui landing page design
    View Create invoices for free
    Create invoices for free
  14. Landing Page Animation branding design online website interactive interaction site web food research ux ui landing page motion animated transition animation
    View Landing Page Animation
    Landing Page Animation
  15. AbhinavAgr v1.0 landing page concept work branding design interaction animation website portfolio web landing page ui
    View AbhinavAgr v1.0
    AbhinavAgr v1.0
  16. Airtel Xstream (TV App) landing page android tv movie content netflix case study inspiration interface airtel animated interaction design interaction branding typography mobile web landing page app ux design ui
    View Airtel Xstream (TV App) landing page
    Airtel Xstream (TV App) landing page
  17. Discover Living Experiences website color ux flat animation web app typogaphy branding vector logo design illustration theme dark app trending freebie discover ui
    View Discover Living Experiences
    Discover Living Experiences
  18. Login Screens UI Kit Freebie app interaction theme dark theme ui kit ui pack sketch download dribbble animation mobile animation ios login uikit freebie
    View Login Screens UI Kit Freebie
    Login Screens UI Kit Freebie
  19. Ticket booking app iphonex uiux swipe mobile app ios interaction events design cards ticket event
    View Ticket booking app
    Ticket booking app
  20. Apartments Rental App mockup estate real property house buy apartment sell rent feed cards
    View Apartments Rental App
    Apartments Rental App
  21. Todo app Calendar search ios people invite edit event create choose calendar todo app plan
    View Todo app Calendar
    Todo app Calendar
  22. Food Delivery App Freebie recipe app freebies restaurant app food delivery app cart burger sketch freebie restaraunt food delivery delivery food food app
    View Food Delivery App Freebie
    Food Delivery App Freebie
  23. Chat Support Dashboard report panel theme dark graph data dashboard chat analytics
    View Chat Support Dashboard
    Chat Support Dashboard
  24. Cloud development landing page freebie icon mockup card typography website business page coding code developement dashboard landing page flat web vector app illustration design ui
    View Cloud development landing page
    Cloud development landing page
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