1. Interactive fiction game UI

  2. Satisfaction Predictor: LinkedIn concept

  3. In-car user interface for a self driving ride

  4. Introducing the Drift ⚡desktop app

  5. Pikabot

  6. Loading Animation: Abstract Geometric Type

  7. True self is without form: Zenyatta Meditation Animation

  8. Hornet in the Wind: Hollow Knight Animation

  9. Fever Dream Animation

  10. Stranger Things - Alt Logo Animation

  11. Messages loading animation

  12. Death of the Quantified Self

  13. Cerebriform Boxing Glove Illustration

  14. A NieR Death Experience

  15. Persona x Pokemon Crossover Concept: Battle UI

  16. Ouroboros Animation

  17. Identity & Branding Design V2: Festival of Indie Games (Final)

  18. Pokémon Switch: Fantasy UI Concept

  19. Lightning Bolt Pop

  20. You've Got Mail

  21. Handwritten Dystopia

  22. Star Pop

  23. Identity and Branding Design: Boston Festival of Indie Games

  24. Identity and Branding Design: Video Game UI

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