Drag&Drop functionality for real-time collaboration

June 10, 2021

Hello friends 👋! We said a few words about interactive collaborative work 🤝. However, take a look at this great functionality 🥰. You can deliver your tasks individually or in the team using simple drag&drop. Just take your obje...

Real-time collaborative whiteboard

June 09, 2021

Hello everyone 👋! Do you use boards at work sometimes 👨‍🏫? Then take a look at our idea of using an interactive whiteboard for teamwork 🤩. It's an online and real-time solution for all sorts of teams. Creating mind maps 🗺️ or drawing t...

Intuitive tool for live team collaboration

June 08, 2021

Hello folks 👋! Working remotely 👨‍💻? So you are probably aware of the enormous advantages 👍, but also undoubted disadvantages 👎 of a home office. Especially when you have to deal with projects. Here is a tool that will help you deal wi...

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