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Do you use boards at work sometimes 👨‍🏫? Then take a look at our idea of using an interactive whiteboard for teamwork 🤩. It's an online and real-time solution for all sorts of teams. Creating mind maps 🗺️ or drawing the processes 📊 is not all you can expect from the board. If you need your participants to focus on a particular item, you can use the zoom-in option. You will also engage participants in brainstorming 🧠 or taking notes ✍️ about the project you are working on. The tool offers a wide range of objects to be placed on the board, including your favorite action items to assign the task to a particular project member. Additionally, you can make up a task list according to the project's agenda.


We're available for new projects! Just drop us a line at office@synergycodes.com

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