Customizable widgets' palette

June 03, 2021

Hello guys 👋! We wouldn't be diagramming freaks 🤩 if we didn't mention our huge diagramming affection. Here's the example of the GoJS use in terms of adding several controls 🎛️ in the data inspector, or, as others may call it - the pro...

Multiple source process automation with IVR

June 02, 2021

Hello guys 👋! Continuing the solutions for call centers topic, check out modeling process flow visualization 🤙. As you probably know, the typical call centers use various input sources ℹ️, such as phone calls 📱, chatbots 🤖, e-mails 📧, ...

Visual call flow

June 01, 2021

Hello guys 👋! You may not like answering calls from various call centers 🤙, but today I will show you how this type of customer service works. Take a look at the map 🗺️ showing the detailed call flow. It helps to verify the various dir...

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