Databases connections & Duplicate records AI

May 07, 2021

Hello guys 👋, A neat and readable dashboard view is a huge advantage. It enables a fast understanding of data 📊, even if collected from various databases 💽. With various diagrams implemented, the user gets a full view of the chosen par...

Single-record view

May 06, 2021

Hello guys 👋, Monitoring health records 🩺 is nothing new nowadays. Having enormous volumes of data, it might be complicated to stay on the right track. This view focuses on a specific record to show some details 🧾, such as time, person...

Database health dashboard

May 05, 2021

Hello guys 👋, There’s no other more precious thing than health. To manage the health data, we present the interactive dashboard 📊 that allows for a visual representation of parameters that testify to the condition of the database. Full...

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