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JibJab Brand Book

May 08, 2017

A throwback to the giant hardcover brand book we put together for the awesome people at JibJab. We are now working with the Storybots team at JibJab and they just took home an Emmy 😱 👏 https://twitter.com/3GS/status/858210871327076352 ...

Jj brand book

JibJab Brand Book

September 19, 2015

A little glimpse into the massive 170+ page brand book we made for our awesome client JibJab. It details everything from the history of the company, guidelines around the new branding work we did and more. Jumping high five to @Alicja C...

JibJab Brand Book

September 14, 2015

Sooooo we got these bad boys finished and ready to ship out to JibJab. These 170+ page hardcover brand books detail everything from the early days of JibJab, their rise to fame, and now the future vision containing all the new branding w...

JibJab Elf Dance

November 05, 2014

Everyone probably thinks we at @Focus Lab stay true to the modern and flat stuff, not true. We are still throwing down ribbons, gradients and shadows when necessary and we're not ashamed :) Know your audience. Bigger note: Very happy...

JibJab Messages Blog Post

October 15, 2014

We've had a blast working with the JibJab team this year on a variety of new things. One of those things is called JibJab Messages, a new nerdy GIF–sharing, selfie–capturing messaging tool that makes your daily existence and communicatio...

JibJab Child Brand

October 05, 2014

A look at one of the child brands we recently worked on with JibJab :) Props to @Matt Yow and @Summer Teal Simpson for their hard work on branding side of this project. Now go download it and start sending GIF's with your face on it! ...

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JibJab Messages

October 01, 2014

So we've been working with JibJab for most of the year now on a bunch of things. One of them was this little gem that launched today :) GIFs + Selfies + Messaging = Winning Huge props to @Charlie Waite for his work on this project. Now...

JibJab Branding

July 29, 2014

A look at @Matt Yow getting down and dirty on the JibJab rebranding process. Edits on top of edits :) We both spent many many hours on the smallest changes to each letter, orientations, curvature etc. The full release should be in just a...