Quokka Proposals

June 25, 2019

So we launched a thing. It's called @Quokka. It's born from our own need for a better way to ship proposals. So what is it? @Quokka is a web-based proposal tool that helps you build beautiful, professional proposals quickly and easily. ...

Quokka Content Library

May 15, 2019

Remove InDesign and Google Docs from your proposal process. It's a game changer. We know from experience. It's why we built @Quokka in the first place. It usually requires a lot of time to create consistent, impressive, professional-lo...



October 02, 2017

If you missed it, we renamed our proposal tool to @Quokka We are now in the process of finishing the product, working through beta-testing, and building a marketing site. For fun, we cooked up some "Quokkatars" for user profiles. These ...