Digital branding studio 🤟🏻⎢zwoelf is bold, yellow and digital

Overarching ideas translated into holistic and strategic branding, visual identity, and fitting digital products.

We speak the digital visual language.

➞ Mission
We are your trusted experts
We are problem solving experts. We analyse, research, discover, structure to define problems and the strategy to solve them. You have to trust our expertise, this is the only way we can make you happy.

We are well prepared
We are refining our proven design process since more than ten years to find to the best possible solution for you. We work together with you, so be prepared you’ll have to do your homework.

We are your continuous partner
It’s a failure if we will have only one project with you. Our aim is to work long term with you and later with your friends, whom you suggest us.

➞ Team
Réka Molnár-Fekete
Tamás Zelizi
Anna Takács
Réka Tamás
Zelda Halas
Levente Kovács
Klaudia Rohr
Marko Mrkobrad
Dóra Ladjánszki
Péter Serfőző

Budapest, Hungary

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