1. Dashboard — Analytics analytics chart dashboard data metrics minimalist product product design report reports saas simple stats ui ux
    View Dashboard — Analytics
    Dashboard — Analytics
  2. Ecommerce — Checkout page address articles cart check out checkout e-commerce ecommerce order pay payment processing shoes shop shopping website
    View Ecommerce — Checkout page
    Ecommerce — Checkout page
  3. Settings — Integrations apps clean connected connected apps integrated integration integration settings integrations minimalist modal preferences product design saas settings settings page sidebar ui ux
    View Settings — Integrations
    Settings — Integrations
  4. Share project popover copy copy link email invite link members minimalist popover product design saas share share link software ui ux
    View Share project popover
    Share project popover
  5. Crew.work — Drag and drop talent advance animation ats candidates crm drag drag drop drag and drop drop move forward next step pipeline product design recruiting saas talents ui ux
    View Crew.work — Drag and drop talent
    Crew.work — Drag and drop talent
  6. Crew.work —Slack community page black black and white community crew dark form minimalist planet product recruiting saas slack space website white
    View Crew.work —Slack community page
    Crew.work —Slack community page
  7. Crew.work — Timeline Events activities collaboration comment crew crm event events notification recruiting saas schedule timeline ui ux
    View Crew.work — Timeline Events
    Crew.work — Timeline Events
  8. Numeral — Landing page exploration banking fintech hero home page homepage landing page minimalism numeral web design webpage website
    View Numeral — Landing page exploration
    Numeral — Landing page exploration
  9. Online learning platform — Dashboard classes clean courses dashboard desktop learning learning platform minimalist online courses platform product design share sidebar study ui ux
    View Online learning platform — Dashboard
    Online learning platform — Dashboard
  10. Crew.work — Email composer composer crew crew.work crm email email composer emailing message messaging product product design saas send send email ui ux
    View Crew.work — Email composer
    Crew.work — Email composer
  11. Crew.work — Career page & Job description application board career page careers hiring job board minimalist simple space webdesign website
    View Crew.work — Career page & Job description
    Crew.work — Career page & Job description
  12. Task management app — My tasks app check checkbox gtd organise product design saas task task management task manager tasks to do to do app to do list todo ui ux
    View Task management app — My tasks
    Task management app — My tasks
  13. Crew.work — Jump to (Search bar) animation ats cmd k command bar command k crm input interactive motion mp4 product design quick access quick search saas search search bar search engine search results ui ux
    View Crew.work — Jump to (Search bar)
    Crew.work — Jump to (Search bar)
  14. Crew.work — Add tag add tag animation component crew crm dropdown field input minimalist mp4 product design saas tag tag management tags ui ux video
    View Crew.work — Add tag
    Crew.work — Add tag
  15. Dotfile — Landing page exploration black component dark document file approval header hero homepage landing landing page product saas website workflow
    View Dotfile — Landing page exploration
    Dotfile — Landing page exploration
  16. Crew.work — Bulk select talents animation animation bulk bulk actions bulk animation candidates cards crm list list selection mp4 multi select multiple actions multiselect product design ui ux video
    View Crew.work — Bulk select talents animation
    Crew.work — Bulk select talents animation
  17. Crew.work — Sidebar talent list ats candidates crew crm minimalist product design productivity recruiting recruter sidebar talent management talents
    View Crew.work — Sidebar talent list
    Crew.work — Sidebar talent list
  18. 2021 - Portfolio update black branding cards dark landing minimalism minimalist personal portfolio product designer project
    View 2021 - Portfolio update
    2021 - Portfolio update
  19. Crew.work — Design components 🧑‍🚀 ats card components crm dashboard date picker dropdown minimalist modal picker popover product design search tag
    View Crew.work — Design components 🧑‍🚀
    Crew.work — Design components 🧑‍🚀
  20. Crew.work — Career page & Job description (mobile) application career page careers company job job application job board minimalism minimalist opportunities product design
    View Crew.work — Career page & Job description (mobile)
    Crew.work — Career page & Job description (mobile)
  21. Component exploration blog card collaboration component dropdown library minimalist product design purple
    View Component exploration
    Component exploration
  22. Calendy — Onboarding calendar calendar event calendar onboarding get started minimalism minimalist mobile mobile app onboarding onboarding screen step steps ui
    View Calendy — Onboarding
    Calendy — Onboarding
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