1. Stock Tracker apple ios stock tracker ui
    View Stock Tracker
    Stock Tracker
  2. 🤯 geometric gradient nature
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  3. .... abstract random
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  4. Eight abstract color diamonds eight gradient
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  5. Recording Interface mac menu recording seek timeline ui
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    Recording Interface
  6. Phone Dialer color daily dialer modern phone ui
    View Phone Dialer
    Phone Dialer
  7. #MakeItBetter: iOS Alarm Settings alarm ios makeitbetter ramotion repeat settings
    View #MakeItBetter: iOS Alarm Settings
    #MakeItBetter: iOS Alarm Settings
  8. Date Range calendar daily date picker range ui
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    Date Range
  9. Analytics analytic app daily graph mobile ui
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  10. Budget Tweaker budget daily edit mobile modal popup range slider tweak ui
    View Budget Tweaker
    Budget Tweaker
  11. Mountains in the night daily illustration moon mountain night
    View Mountains in the night
    Mountains in the night
  12. Finder has stopped working app daily finder icon mac modern osx ui
    View Finder has stopped working
    Finder has stopped working
  13. Clock clock daily modern new ui weather
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  14. Weather daily egypt evening new orange ui weather widget
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