1. Animated Referral Cards - Lottie Animation motion design animation design invitation invite mobile app design mobile app aniamtion lottie unacademy gift card gift box gift referrals referral cards ui interface mockup screen cards animation
    Animated Referral Cards - Lottie Animation
  2. Emails page list landing interaction flat app design newsletter dashboard numbers marks invoice cards website design website app buttons illustration emails email design email
  3. Unacademy - Landing page subscription features design landing page mockup website vector 3d test pdf download schedule analysis report class language features illustration subscription product animation unacademy
    Unacademy - Landing page subscription features
  4. Unacademy subscription features - Animated ui protopie animated motion design motion uidesign redesign cards design after effects 3d education icons unacademy illustration animation
    Unacademy subscription features - Animated
  5. Unacademy Dark Mode colors landing illustration dropdown buttons detials card dashboard ux ui design clean webdesign redesign website dark ui dark mode unacademy
    Unacademy Dark Mode
  6. Unacademy Icons pastel ui kit uiux e learning education app education icons iconography
    Unacademy Icons
  7. Website Redesign - Animated Promo cards design dark theme dark mode dark ui dark color palette web designer website design icons icons design uidesign ui design animation after effects animations illustration webdesigner unacademy redesign webdesign website
    Website Redesign - Animated Promo
  8. 2019 Year in Review - Educators interaction user interface ui app design 2019 rewind redesign website app layout cards year in review gradient nocode ui  ux design uidesign motion animation webflow 2020 trend 2020
    2019 Year in Review - Educators
  9. 2019 Year in Review - Learners 2020 uxdesign uidesign ux ui figma responsive gradient flat design tabs instagram motion design animation nocode webflow rewind recap 2019trends 2019 year in review
    2019 Year in Review - Learners
  10. Level Up Spinning Animation ui mobile after effects motiongraphics after effects animation burst confetti vector simple minimal modern arrowhead arrow progress interaction motion animation spinning level up levels level
    Level Up Spinning Animation
  11. Tick Spinning Animation modern motion script simple vector animations after effects animation after effects explosion explode blast burst confetti spinning spinner lottie lottiefiles animation correct tick
    Tick Spinning Animation
  12. Stop the fire. Spread the word. figma unacademy design illustration climate change rainforest amazon fires amazon
    Stop the fire. Spread the word.
  13. Practice Tab  -  Unacademy Plus minimal interface inforgraphic flat design badges tabs lightning bolt confetti cards ui cards progress countdown loop animation levels correct examination questions animation motion design unacademy
    Practice Tab - Unacademy Plus
  14. Subject Tiles education website education app online education design graphic-design ui colors illustration science illustration education subject math biology chemistry physics science
    Subject Tiles
  15. Learner Postcard Project unacademy postcard design postcard branding illustration
    Learner Postcard Project
  16. AR Concept - Unacademy Plus Live Class emoji chat app neon light vr virtual reality buttons scifi futuristic 3d animation motion graphics animation augmentedreality augmented reality augmented artist education teaching classroom live live chat
    AR Concept - Unacademy Plus Live Class
  17. Unacademy Plus Promo uidesign chart analytics graphic college teachers students emojis emoji video live class classroom polls survey messaging chat trailer animation promo
    Unacademy Plus Promo
  18. Unacademy Replay 2018 aftereffects illustrator education unacademy social media infographic flat branding animation design illustration
    Unacademy Replay 2018
  19. Unacademy Open Hack 2019 hack hack week hackathon open hack technology tech typography logo india animation after effects figma branding design unacademy education
    Unacademy Open Hack 2019
  20. Polls: Live Interactive Experience minimal website mobile app lessons prototype animation mobile animation interaction animation interaction design interaction classes classroom education website education app education
    Polls: Live Interactive Experience
  21. Trivia Milestones unacademy figma email education icon web mobile illustration clean creative minimal design
    Trivia Milestones
  22. wifistudy Rebrand figma brand identity identity rebrand youtube india wifistudy logo after effects animation learning design branding unacademy education
    wifistudy Rebrand
  23. Plus Course Page Iterations minimal app navigation edtech tabs filters unacademy list ux ui android iterations
    Plus Course Page Iterations
  24. Course thumbnails for Unacademy Plus unacademy vector clean ui branding illustration creative minimal design
    Course thumbnails for Unacademy Plus
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