1. Document Annotation Editor annotate annotate document annotation annotation editor comments heatmap highlight ide indiana indianapolis innovatemap pdf pen pencil tool toolbar ui viewer wysiwyg
    View Document Annotation Editor
    Document Annotation Editor
  2. Card Grid card cards dashboard grid indiana indianapolis innovatemap pink purple record recording screen recording screencast stat stats ui
    View Card Grid
    Card Grid
  3. Data Card card card ui chart cyber cybersecurity dashboard graph incident indiana indianapolis indicator innovatemap phase phases progress security step stepper steps ui
    View Data Card
    Data Card
  4. Force Directed Graph chart dashboard diagram directed directed graph disjointed force force directed graph indiana indianapolis innovatemap temporal tree ui visualization
    View Force Directed Graph
    Force Directed Graph
  5. Activity Feed action feed actions activity activity feed alert feed indiana indianapolis innovatemap notifications status timeline ui
    View Activity Feed
    Activity Feed
  6. Calendar Tasks Side Panel calendar dashboard indiana indianapolis innovatemap mini calendar panel project management project manager right panel side side panel social media streak task task manager tasks ui week calendar weekly calendar
    View Calendar Tasks Side Panel
    Calendar Tasks Side Panel
  7. Custom Chart Designer chart chart builder chart designer custom custom report designer formula graph indiana indianapolis innovatemap report report builder ui
    View Custom Chart Designer
    Custom Chart Designer
  8. Marketing Plan Template calendar campaign dashboard design dialog facebook indiana indianapolis innovatemap instagram marketing pinterest plan post schedule scheduling social social media template ui
    View Marketing Plan Template
    Marketing Plan Template
  9. Account Detail Page (click for full res!) account account details card data detail detail page enrich indiana indianapolis innovatemap object details object page people person team ui user users
    View Account Detail Page (click for full res!)
    Account Detail Page (click for full res!)
  10. Integration Library (click for full res!) 3rd app app library app marketplace application dashboard indiana indianapolis innovatemap integration integrations library market marketplace third party third party tool tools ui
    View Integration Library (click for full res!)
    Integration Library (click for full res!)
  11. Weekly Calendar activity calendar create activity create event dashboard date date picker event indiana indianapolis innovatemap ui week view weekly calendar
    View Weekly Calendar
    Weekly Calendar
  12. Form Design accordion automation checkbox field fields form indiana indianapolis innovatemap input marketing step steps switch tips toggles ui walkthrough wizard workflow
    View Form Design
    Form Design
  13. Page Templating actions cards chart dashboard data data table filter graph header indiana indianapolis innovatemap page header table table design tabs ui visualization
    View Page Templating
    Page Templating
  14. Workflow Designer block designer blocks build builder canvas canvas designer connection lines connectors designer editor indiana indianapolis innovatemap node nodes toolbox ui workflow workflow builder workflow designer
    View Workflow Designer
    Workflow Designer
  15. Communication Designer blocks builder communication designer drag and drop email designer indiana indianapolis innovatemap merge tags rich text rich text editor rte tags ui wysiwyg
    View Communication Designer
    Communication Designer
  16. Data Grid bulk actions data data grid data table filter grid indiana indianapolis innovatemap location map row rows search sort table ui zebra zebra stripe zebra striping
    View Data Grid
    Data Grid
  17. Keyword Insights Cards dashboard indiana indianapolis innovatemap insight card insights marketing recommendations search seo stats trending ui
    View Keyword Insights Cards
    Keyword Insights Cards
  18. Product Search Grid dashboard data table distributor ecommerce filter grocery grocery platform indiana indianapolis innovatemap list platform pricing product retail search shop supplier ui wholesale
    View Product Search Grid
    Product Search Grid
  19. Advanced Filtering checkbox checkboxes dashboard date ecommerce filter filters indiana indianapolis innovatemap radio range saved view segment segmentation selector ui view
    View Advanced Filtering
    Advanced Filtering
  20. YouTube Video Page indiana indianapolis innovatemap ui video video player you tube youtube youtube channel
    View YouTube Video Page
    YouTube Video Page
  21. Nested Data Table accordion data table expand expand row expandable expandable row expanding indiana indianapolis innovatemap nest nested row rows table ui
    View Nested Data Table
    Nested Data Table
  22. Invite Dialog access add indiana indianapolis innovatemap invitation invite invite to project invites management permissions remove share ui user user list user management users
    View Invite Dialog
    Invite Dialog
  23. Breadcrumbs breadcrumb breadcrumbs context dashboard detail header header design headers hierarchy indiana indianapolis innovatemap link navigation object details page details page header ui
    View Breadcrumbs
  24. Scheduling & Hours of Operation business business details business hours clock date dates hours hours of operation indiana indianapolis innovatemap schedule scheduler schedules scheduling time ui
    View Scheduling & Hours of Operation
    Scheduling & Hours of Operation
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