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  1. Citi Redesign Concept modern simple bank rebrand rebranding logo redesign concept refresh redesign
    View Citi Redesign Concept
    Citi Redesign Concept
  2. Keepworks Logo identity rebranding branding logo
    View Keepworks Logo
    Keepworks Logo
  3. 3D Brand Design clean brand identity branding graphic 3d modeling logo brand identity colors 3d art brandidentity 3d design graphic design ui restyling rebranding brand design branding 3d branding 3d
    3D Brand Design
  4. Gusto's new brand logotype illustration redesign rebranding logo rebrand
    View Gusto's new brand
    Gusto's new brand
  5. Ginetta - Brand Guidelines graphic design guidelines brand system branding design rebranding branding
    View Ginetta - Brand Guidelines
    Ginetta - Brand Guidelines
  6. Reify Rebrand healthcare brand strategy brand identity design rebranding rebrand brand agency brand design interface identity logo design logo branding focus lab
    View Reify Rebrand
    Reify Rebrand
  7. Ginetta - Branding guidelines brand brand design rebranding brand identity brand guidelines branding
    View Ginetta - Branding guidelines
    Ginetta - Branding guidelines
  8. Billeasy Rebranding brand guide brand font icon logo design visual identity brandbook rebrand branding design branding and identity visual identity typography design design elements logo startup rebranding branding
    Billeasy Rebranding
  9. Ardennes Etape - Rebranding branding concept branding and identity rebranding logo design nature logodesign logotype logo branding dogstudio logomark
    View Ardennes Etape - Rebranding
    Ardennes Etape - Rebranding
  10. Circle K / Logo Update / Unofficial before after logo redesign rebranding logo update circlek logo circle logo k monogram k logo k logo mark symbol negative space logotype typography letter monogram symbol mark logo
    View Circle K / Logo Update / Unofficial
    Circle K / Logo Update / Unofficial
  11. Unlatch-Dribbble agency design logo webdesign rebranding ux ui
    View Unlatch-Dribbble
  12. Gmail Logo Exploration unfold mark design gmail typography clean google logotype rebranding branding exploration logo concept
    View Gmail Logo Exploration
    Gmail Logo Exploration
  13. SELECT Branding brand guide identity brand guidelines visual identity brandbook visual identity rebranding rebrand logo design design elements design branding design branding and identity brand guide brand font typography logo branding shakuro
    SELECT Branding
  14. Logo evolution wordmark mark kreativa k letter k brand rebranding redesign branding logo
    View Logo evolution
    Logo evolution
  15. Walmart concept symbol designer design redesign logos logo walmart brand rebranding
    View Walmart
  16. Softa | Furniture company rebranding visual design designs graphic design branding design brand brand identity brand design identity branding identity design identity typography branding logo illustration design
    View Softa | Furniture company rebranding
    Softa | Furniture company rebranding
  17. BK Rebrand branding design branding and identity monogram logo monogram logo design burger logo logodesign logos logo brand design branding brand brand identity rebranding rebrand burger king burgerking
    BK Rebrand
  18. Rebrand concept design israel subbrand viola typography technology group finance investment logotype mark logo rebranding branding
    View Rebrand concept
    Rebrand concept
  19. Pixelmatters Rebranding • Branding Application branding and identity branding concept brand design brand identity rebranding rebrand branding design branding brand
    View Pixelmatters Rebranding • Branding Application
    Pixelmatters Rebranding • Branding Application
  20. Apple Geometric Restyling redesign branding rebranding logotype logo restyling geometric apple
    View Apple Geometric Restyling
    Apple Geometric Restyling
  21. Logo Concept redesign rebranding rebrand logo concept logo grid branding design
    View Logo Concept
    Logo Concept
  22. Testmo rebranding modern logo time tracker management tool management test responsive logo identity pattern testmo unfold mark rebrand branding logo
    View Testmo rebranding
    Testmo rebranding
  23. Arlina Roman | Personal Rebrand brand identity design brand identity designer brand identity brand design logo designer rebranding logotype logodesign
    View Arlina Roman | Personal Rebrand
    Arlina Roman | Personal Rebrand
  24. Empower – Brand Guidelines finance app typeface colors brand identity designer illustration guideline guidelines identity design brand branding fintech start up finance guide mark brand mark presentation brand manual rebrand rebranding
    View Empower – Brand Guidelines
    Empower – Brand Guidelines
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