1. Squirrel? animal bw camouflage cloak cloaking coconut disguise guaxinin logo logo design mask masquerade negative space nut raccoon robber squirrel thief veil veiling
    View Squirrel?
  2. D CubeChain 3d bitcoin block blockchain chain crypto cryptocurrency cube d depth descentralization ethereum finance geometric gradient lace loop looping smart contract square
    View D CubeChain
    D CubeChain
  3. 2 B’s 🐝 ai animal b bee bees fly hive honey insect mecha nature robot signal wing yellow
    View 2 B’s 🐝
    2 B’s 🐝
  4. Floral Ocean 🌎💐 africa america connected connection country floral flower geography geometric link logo map mundi network ocean petal planet sea universal world
    View Floral Ocean 🌎💐
    Floral Ocean 🌎💐
  5. Moving World animal camel cargo destination global globe globo lines move movement moving mundi nature path tour transport transportation wild world world wide
    View Moving World
    Moving World
  6. Flying-flower beija flor bird brand design branding colibri color flower fly flying humming humming bird hummingbird leaf light logo logo design radial wings
    View Flying-flower
  7. Lionbolt animal animation bol crown king lightning lion logo concept logo construction logo process roar thunder thunderbolt
    View Lionbolt
  8. Happy Mother's Day / Feliz Dia das Mães <3 abraço amor care caring carinho criança cuidado dia das mães dia de las madres hug love madre maternidade mother motherhood mothers day mãe newborn parenthood women
    View Happy Mother's Day / Feliz Dia das Mães <3
    Happy Mother's Day / Feliz Dia das Mães <3
  9. TBF 2 - Cleaner Version africa bird blue botwana clean colors design flamingo geography great flamingo illustration logo logo design logodesign logotype map negative space territory vector wings
    View TBF 2 - Cleaner Version
    TBF 2 - Cleaner Version
  10. The Botswana Great Flamingo africa animal logo bird botswana botswana flamingo colorfull logo country flamingo fly great flamingo logo process logomarca logotype negative space run wings wip
    View The Botswana Great Flamingo
    The Botswana Great Flamingo
  11. Alphabetical Experiment add additive animation experimental frame by frame letter letters motion graphics pixel pixel art pixels plus plus sign sign strobe type typeset typography work in progress
    Shot Link
    View Alphabetical Experiment
    Alphabetical Experiment
  12. XWriting bicycle brand design branding creativity design design inspiration infinity logo logo design logo inspiration pen drawing sketches sketching space universe uxiu uxwriter uxwriting work in progress writing
    View XWriting
  13. Pangolim animal armadillo ball case study circle floral leaf logo logo design mask nature p pangolin process scale scales squama symbol tatu whirl
    View Pangolim
  14. GunThé comet concept custom typography g gt iemanjá jewelry jewelry design logo mirror moon ogum ogunté orixá sea queen sketch star symbol t typography
    View GunThé
  15. Ways of Design a non-phallic Film Projector Transversal Section black brasileira brazilian brazilian movies breno bitencourt cinema cinemateca cinemateca brasileira culture designer film logo logotipo logotype movie phallic projector red symbol wollner
    View Ways of Design a non-phallic Film Projector Transversal Section
    Ways of Design a non-phallic Film Projector Transversal Section
  16. As 2021 goes by branding design identity illustration logo logodesign logotype
    View As 2021 goes by
    As 2021 goes by
  17. Leaves & Birds bird birds diamond ecologic ecology glass-cutter graphic design grass green greenery health healthy illustration leaf leaves logo logodesign logotype nature tree
    View Leaves & Birds
    Leaves & Birds
  18. Cats & Birds bird birds branding cat cats design egg feather fly graphic design hand hunt hunting illustration leaf leaves logo logodesign logotype night
    View Cats & Birds
    Cats & Birds
  19. Born-2-Burn bird birds birth born burn egg fatherhood flame fly life miracle motherhood parentage parenthood parents penguin rebirth reborn swan victory
    View Born-2-Burn
  20. Blockchain bitcoin block block chain blockchain brick chain chained chains coin concrete contract crypto currency cryptocurrency digital currency digital money smart contract smart money
    View Blockchain
  21. Node bitcoin bitcoin wallet bitcoin watch blockchain branding crypto cryptocurrency digital wallet escher ethereum logo logo design network node reflection selfie symbol visual identity wallet watch
    View Node
  22. My Meta branding breno bitencourt facebook facebooklogo graphic design logo logomarca m mark meta meta logo meta mark metalogo metaverse metaverso rebrand rebranding redesign review revision
    View My Meta
    My Meta
  23. Letícia Fais Logo branding design identity keys learning lesson lines logo logodesign logotype multiply music musical piano song spot light spotlight studio teacher
    View Letícia Fais Logo
    Letícia Fais Logo
  24. N (without u) bank clean cleaner concept exchange exercise idea logo money n new nu nu bank nubank nude purple rebrand rebranding transaction value
    View N (without u)
    N (without u)
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