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  1. VSX - Page Options visual system design system tooltip modal popover history timeline words options style page document
    View VSX - Page Options
    VSX - Page Options
  2. VSX: Share Modal modal box popover design system visual system share modal
    View VSX: Share Modal
    VSX: Share Modal
  3. Date Picker ui software crm software crm popover modal icons attribute value input calendar schedule ios mobile
    Date Picker
  4. Popover components elements design system dropdowns components component saas desktop motion ui animation app
    View Popover components
    Popover components
  5. Add Contacts ✨✨ navigation relationships manage contacts add contact suggestions checkbox online search results popover modal search table crm design ux ui
    View Add Contacts ✨✨
    Add Contacts ✨✨
  6. Haystack - Admin Settings light mode menu button navigation drawer desktop application settings ui navigation sidebar clean fintory haystack daily 100 challenge alert popover popup modal product changes admin settings dashboard settings
    Haystack - Admin Settings
  7. Tack - Time Tracker options component selector projects tracker timer list popover dropdown widget ux ui clean
    View Tack - Time Tracker
    Tack - Time Tracker
  8. Task Popovers and Pickers datepicker modal popover calendar ux task task management tasks collaboration ui product crm
    Task Popovers and Pickers
  9. Note Taking note taking notes widget web app ui search crm notes app contacts popover modal editor typing ux notes
    Note Taking
  10. 📅 Meeting Modal Creator schedule dark application productdesign interface color desktop popover modal popup creator dashboard date picker event reminder calendar meeting ux ui
    View 📅 Meeting Modal Creator
    📅 Meeting Modal Creator
  11. Theme switcher animation dropdown popover dark mode dark theme desktop motion ui animation app
    Theme switcher animation
  12. Dropdowns element form popover overlay ui dropdown
    View Dropdowns
  13. Adjust View ux ui popover back button page push configure export import crm collections kanban board view adjustment sorting settings
    Adjust View
  14. Social Feed icons popover modal ux ui settings preferences ios app social entwork social media feed
    View Social Feed
    Social Feed
  15. Components - Dark components design system team user delete notifications profile web app dashboard popover popup ux ui modal
    View Components - Dark
    Components - Dark
  16. 🔗 Share Question Exploration ios pattern ux ui slider share popover modal mobile minimal list flat design clean multi select button sheet bottom sheet bookmark app
    View 🔗 Share Question Exploration
    🔗 Share Question Exploration
  17. Employee facing popovers detail information overlay tooltip popover modal people desks
    View Employee facing popovers
    Employee facing popovers
  18. Popover Components designsystem react components popover
    View Popover Components
    Popover Components
  19. 🧩 Dashboard Modules - Banking finance minimal clean popover popup table view input interface dashboard ui dashboad fintech app ux ui fintech
    🧩 Dashboard Modules - Banking
  20. 🧩 Dashboard Modules - Property Management forms chart web stats user interface clean ux ui minimal app interface button dashboard popover popup module style input analytics account
    🧩 Dashboard Modules - Property Management
  21. Regex Tester help modal dialog add placeholder form input popover dropdown regex interface design ui ux user interface software overlay minimal clean app
    Regex Tester
  22. User Profile ios iphone modal view modal popover transition interaction question ask community uiux ux keyboard user finance
    View User Profile
    User Profile
  23. Edit Question Modal finance user keyboard ux uiux community ask question interaction transition popover modal modal view iphone ios
    View Edit Question Modal
    Edit Question Modal
  24. Framer Playground autosuggest 3d popover ui autocomplete prototyping react code framer
    Framer Playground
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