1. Social Media Management Tool – Components statistics numbers diagrams users growth progress indicators saas tool social media posts scheduling design elements graphs card modern clean light minimal ux ui
    Social Media Management Tool – Components
  2. 💬 Mini Profile - Stocklabs Collaboration hover website navigation logo plus add dark user interface flat minimal message web desktop minimal design user interface dashboard app ux ui user profile user profile hover profile mini profile
    💬 Mini Profile - Stocklabs Collaboration
  3. In-App-Application: Agents and Teams 🤝 application app design modules app ux fintory ui interface design clean ui
    In-App-Application: Agents and Teams 🤝
  4. Logo Concept – Fluorine productivity tool multicolor flashy saas product branding design minimalistic flat simple sleek modern clean light logo
    Logo Concept – Fluorine
  5. 🧩 Dashboard Modules - Banking finance minimal clean popover popup table view input interface dashboard ui dashboad fintech app ux ui fintech
    🧩 Dashboard Modules - Banking
  6. Sidebar Navigation fintory dailyui dashboard navigation design button logo side menu website navigation plus add user interface collapsable navigation clean user interface flat minimal sidebar sidebar menu navigation color clean page ui app icon profile animation
    Sidebar Navigation
  7. UI Elements and Forms 💎 app design design selectors buttons inputs forms app fintory ui interface clean ui
    UI Elements and Forms 💎
  8. Stocklabs – Mobile Web Screens interactive tabs stocklabs stocks mobile ui web app graph finance features dark mode cards pricing mobile analytics modern clean minimal ux ui
    Stocklabs – Mobile Web Screens
  9. Spaces App Logo and Styleguide 💎 styleguide logo app app design modules fintory ui ux interface design clean ui
    Spaces App Logo and Styleguide 💎
  10. Stocklabs Login 🔑 overlay popup ux ui stocks stocklabs interaction animation mp4 interactive input login dashboard finance desktop app design dark color clean page ui application app
    Stocklabs Login 🔑
  11. Social Media Management Tool – Dashboard design usercentered interactive edit scheduling calendar light minimal cards graphs user interface ux ui dashboard social media
    Social Media Management Tool – Dashboard
  12. Introducing Stocklabs Collaboration 💬 stocks inbox contact new color clean page ui clean ux ui files design dark app interactive finance stocklabs desktop app application desktop chat app message group messages chat
    Introducing Stocklabs Collaboration 💬
  13. Spaces Super App Gamification 🕹 modules fintory mobile design ux ui application user engagement app design gamification app interface clean ui
    Spaces Super App Gamification 🕹
  14. Stocklabs – Mobile Website web app mobile product user experience mode dark minimalistic modern interaction watchlists stock market finance ux ui website app market graphs analytics stocks
    Stocklabs – Mobile Website
  15. Transaction Flow - Banking Dashboard transactions clean motion balance kpi backend transactional smart dashboard banking app graphs animation ux bankingapp banking ui transaction
    Transaction Flow - Banking Dashboard
  16. Finance Mobile Application Interaction transaction details manage account balance transaction motion graph illustration mobile minimal button finance user interface clean app ux ui mp4 animation interaction
    Finance Mobile Application Interaction
  17. Solarquick – Logo branding identity color scheme minimal light sun logo design modern circle abstract styleguide ux ui design corporate brand logo
    Solarquick – Logo
  18. Sidebar Navigation icons ui ux user experience interface fintory dashboard icon illustration typography responsive web design product desktop app menu navigation sidebar
    Sidebar Navigation
  19. Interactive Dashboard – Hiring Platform recruiting profile graphs candidates join smart dashboard usability user experience redesign platform hiring interaction reduced minimal ux ui design backend dashboard animation
    Interactive Dashboard – Hiring Platform
  20. 📦 Parcel Tracker Web Application Landingpage landingpage modules fintory dashboard webapp web ux ui interface design clean ui
    📦 Parcel Tracker Web Application Landingpage
  21. Dashboard Modules - Banking transfer transaction banking interface kpi chart web ui design stats analytic element module design clean ux dashboard ui
    Dashboard Modules - Banking
  22. Internal Style Guide ✨ clean ui branding website design modules webapp web ux ui interface desktop design
    Internal Style Guide ✨
  23. TikTok Social Media Template template pack social media kit pinterest twitter instagram facebook freebie template design app mobile ux ui layout template sketch figma tiktok social media
    TikTok Social Media Template
  24. Quick Search field interactive input hint user experience ux ui design auto complete search engine quick find mp4 fintech animation navigation search bar search result quick access quick search search
    Quick Search
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