1. Light and Dark Quick Actions crm software product design quick actions dark mode light mode dark light modal ui product crm
    View Light and Dark Quick Actions
    Light and Dark Quick Actions
  2. Task Popovers and Pickers datepicker modal popover calendar ux task task management tasks collaboration ui product crm
    View Task Popovers and Pickers
    Task Popovers and Pickers
  3. Custom Icons team folder contact crm tiny icon design design system interface icon set 16x16 20x20 icons custom icons brand attio
    View Custom Icons
    Custom Icons
  4. Date Picker ui software crm software crm popover modal icons attribute value input calendar schedule ios mobile
    View Date Picker
    Date Picker
  5. Calendar Events in Notes dark mode ux web web app notes app meeting notes meetings relationships crm data dates events attributes notes picker calendar
    View Calendar Events in Notes
    Calendar Events in Notes
  6. Attio Chrome Extension google google chrome ux relationships contacts relationship crm product ui extension chrome extension chrome
    View Attio Chrome Extension
    Attio Chrome Extension
  7. Note Backlinking labels tags contacts backlinks notetaking notes relationship ux ui product crm
    View Note Backlinking
    Note Backlinking
  8. Note Taking note taking notes widget web app ui search crm notes app contacts popover modal editor typing ux notes
    View Note Taking
    Note Taking
  9. Dark Kanban kanban board kanban stages pipeline dark mode dark ui product crm
    View Dark Kanban
    Dark Kanban
  10. ✨ Edit on the go relationships collections ux ui checkbox rating edit crm data attributes page contact ios mobile
    View ✨ Edit on the go
    ✨ Edit on the go
  11. Adjust View ux ui popover back button page push configure export import crm collections kanban board view adjustment sorting settings
    View Adjust View
    Adjust View
  12. Add Person Roles resume cv relationship collaboration ux ui product crm
    View Add Person Roles
    Add Person Roles
  13. Add Team Roles business teams roles ux ui product crm
    View Add Team Roles
    Add Team Roles
  14. Add Contacts ✨✨ navigation relationships manage contacts add contact suggestions checkbox online search results popover modal search table crm design ux ui
    View Add Contacts ✨✨
    Add Contacts ✨✨
  15. Collapsing Sidebar web app ux user interface ui collections relationships crm navigation menu interaction hover expandable sidebar expanded collapsed desktop design concept app
    View Collapsing Sidebar
    Collapsing Sidebar
  16. Kanban Record Popover stages relationship contact activity feed timeline modal popover pipeline ux ui product crm
    View Kanban Record Popover
    Kanban Record Popover
  17. Kanban Configuration pipeline stages organize configuration config columns kanban collaboration ux ui product crm
    View Kanban Configuration
    Kanban Configuration
  18. Mapping Attributes web app saas interface tool table database workspace map columns data mapping csv upload file import export crm software ui ux
    View Mapping Attributes
    Mapping Attributes
  19. Activity Feed web app collaboration notes comments tool software ux timeline feed ui product crm
    View Activity Feed
    Activity Feed
  20. CSV Import Tool ux ui software crm export file upload attributes columns map mapping workspace database table data tool interface web app import csv
    View CSV Import Tool
    CSV Import Tool
  21. iOS Mobile App mobile navigation sidebar search profile notifications access email relationship management contacts ux ui screens app ios
    View iOS Mobile App
    iOS Mobile App
  22. Dark Mode Table modals table view crm software database dark theme light theme dark light ux filter ui ui hiring relationships filters pipeline table product light mode dark mode crm
    View Dark Mode Table
    Dark Mode Table
  23. Attio Design Library themes light dark theme component library react components colours custom icons icons buttons modals crm platform visual design ui system design system design library dark mode
    View Attio Design Library
    Attio Design Library
  24. Onboarding Sequence css animation onboarding ui onboarding saas app saas dark mode dark ux ui product crm
    View Onboarding Sequence
    Onboarding Sequence
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