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  1. Patterns branding brand designer brand design pattern art illustration
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  2. 🖋 floral affinity designer vector pattern illustration icon
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  3. Idea! idea pattern flat man affinity designer simple character illustration vector
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  4. FM Brand Manual + Brand Patterns logodesigner logo designer brandmanual brand manual logo branding pattern
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    FM Brand Manual + Brand Patterns
  5. New York Pattern freelance illustrator adobe fresco maple leaf pattern designer seamless pattern surface pattern design nyc colorful repeat pattern pattern art licensing illustration new york
    View New York Pattern
    New York Pattern
  6. wip developer pattern webpage clean affinity designer simple character illustration vector
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  7. Facebook Ad simple clean design ad dribbble designer dribbble social promo custom grid grid pattern ad design facebook social media
    Facebook Ad
  8. Throw affinity designer vector pattern throw simple sketch style
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  9. Typography & Patterns - Designer Website modern clean edutech learn fractals webdesign typography design web pattern art geometry shapes repeat bauhaus patterns 2d 3d flat style
    View Typography & Patterns - Designer Website
    Typography & Patterns - Designer Website
  10. Oleg Coada | Personal Logo logo designer pencil branding design pattern gradient red color identity branding identity personal logo icon bird eagle bird logo logodesign
    Oleg Coada | Personal Logo
  11. Blue Leaves white blue leaves nature folk design textiledesign pattern designer pattern design surface design illustration
    View Blue Leaves
    Blue Leaves
  12. Pattern Day 05 ui design designer color gold grey vector ui texture shapes pattern modern graphicdesign geometry design branding artwork art abstact
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    Pattern Day 05
  13. Instagram Ads profile social media pattern instagram post instagram dribbble designer dribbble custom grid clean design figma ad design ad
    Instagram Ads
  14. Fast Growth pattern webpage woman flat affinity designer clean illustration character vector
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    Fast Growth
  15. Character Exploration shape pattern flowers illustrator flat illustration visual design visual designer design characters
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    Character Exploration
  16. Collaboration isometric hr pattern man woman affinity designer character illustration vector
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  17. Medicine Reminder App pattern illustraion trend 2020 uxdesign uidesign typography productdesign mufidul islam tapadar mobile application minimal design inspiration medical reminder medicine component colorful app best designer app designer app design app concept
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    Medicine Reminder App
  18. Neo Pyramid - icon design triangles pattern pattern logo tech logo technology logo modern logo minimalist logo pyramid logo triangle logo negative space logo brand designer shapes creative logo logo design concept logo designer logo design brand design branding icon logo
    View Neo Pyramid - icon design
    Neo Pyramid - icon design
  19. Web Agency saas website saas landing page ux designer ui designer web designer cartoon illustration 2020 trend agency landing page pattern pattern design memphis lineart ux web branding illustration clean landing page web design ux design
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    Web Agency
  20. Continuous Delivery git developer pattern webpage man affinity designer clean simple character illustration vector
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    Continuous Delivery
  21. Instagram Story Ads marketing social media profile pattern instagram instagram story figma dribbble designer dribbble custom grid clean design ad campaign ad design
    Instagram Story Ads
  22. Here Kitty Kitty - Tiger Art textile design textile designer surface pattern design patttern art patterns pattern design surface pattern tiger pattern tiger king tigers tan beige gold fun pattern tiger adobe fresco
    Here Kitty Kitty - Tiger Art
  23. Headhunter pattern webpage man affinity designer clean illustration character vector
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  24. K+R logo sign fashion logo minimal logo typography art letter r letter k premium bag style guide brandbook letter mark luxury vogue accessories shoes logo designer branding identity designer fashion pattern lettering monogram logo
    View K+R logo sign
    K+R logo sign
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